BandHip Hop

Im just a vessel trying to be maximized by the power of God and thru His will to winn souls for the kingdom of God thru the medium of great sounding and appealing hip hop.


ISH has been one of the most explosive lyricists for such Indy groups such as "L.A.F.", “F.I.G.A. PHAM”, and “Black Ice Entertainment”. For many years, ISH ran from his destiny and focused on recording and producing secular Hip Hop and R&B. But finally he came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and now every word, lyric, and metaphor is for God's Glory and for the uplifting of God’s Kingdom! Don't get it twisted - he still has that FIRE . . . THE REAL FIRE!!! ISH has been doing his thing since the age of 5, growing up in a talented home where his father, R.I.P., was also a singer and an extraordinary writer and his mother continues to sing to God’s glory. His grandfather and grandmother were part of the “Royal Gospel Singers” out of North Carolina. So, as you can see, music is in his D.N.A.

ISH, at the age of 12, attended the world famous Newark Boys Chorus School, where he landed auditions for Broadway plays, countless concert performances, and the opportunity to perform in China. Having a solid foundation in music and a well-groomed singing voice (Yeah, bet you didn't know he could blow!), he has always kept himself connected to God’s purpose for his gifts and life. Over the years ISH also became a member of his former church choir, The H.N. Foy Joy Ensemble of the Emmanuel Church of Christ, D.O.C. ISH didn't know it then, but this church would be the setting for God's deposit into his life that would begin to direct him toward his future, which began with bringing him back home to God.

ISH knew that traditional singing wasn't his passion; so towards the latter part of his teenage years, ISH befriended another MC by the name of Deshawn, AKA “Kamilleon the official”, who also shared the same passion for Hip Hop that ISH did. Through this musical union, the group LAF (La Familia) was birthed.

LAF was the beginning for all the HIP HOP that was previously written by ISH. After so many degrees of separation with LAF, ISH signed to FP (F.I.G.A. Pham) and then transitioned to Black Ice Entertainment. After a brief spell with Black Ice, he was back with FP, headed by ‘Misunderstood’, CEO/President, where he was entrusted with a Corporate Senior V.P. of Marketing position, in addition to his artist status. Although this experience gained him knowledge of the business, ISH still realized that no matter what hat he wore in the music field, it was not fulfilling.

ISH came to a point in his life where he had bottomed out, and in his desperation, he remembered the seed of God that had been planted in him so many years ago. And with these things in mind he cried out to the father, “Lord Save Me!!!" and . . . now old things are passed away, behold all things have been made new!!!

Secular artists such as NAS, Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur, DAS EFX, Redman, Queen Latifah, CL Smooth and a host of others influenced ISH’s lyric-style, but his ability to deliver the conviction and compassion through his lyrics and performances can only be attributed to his personal experience with Christ in his life. ISH can't forget the impact that his pastor, Lawrence Powell, of Agape Family Worship Center, has made on him and his family. What an anointed man of God Pastor Powell is! ISH is thankful to God that Pastor Powell is who God called him to be, lest this M.C. named "ISH" would still be living for the enemy or even worse . . .