BandHip Hop

I Talk About Everyday Life In My Music, Non Of That Jibberish Rap!


I started out rappin in 2002 since then Iv elevated alot, alot of people love my music an alot of em' are anticipating my upcoming album "Taking-Over(Produced By BigG)". I started listenin to rap at an early age, when I was about 10.. I loved it then an still do, then when I got to about 14 i met this guy called BigG who told me I could do a track so I was like woah? really? so I jus downloaded an instrumental, got my cheap ass mic an got down to buissness.. since then Iv never stopped making music. Recently I was in the local newspaper too about my rappin.. they heard my stuff, gave me a call an i was like
My Advice To People: You Can Do Anyhting.. Its Just The Know How ;)


Im working on "Taking-Over EP" at the momment.
The single off that will be "Times Like This" and/or "This Is My Life"