Issil is a world travelling singer & award-winning poet born on the same day as her spiritual mentor, Bob Dylan. Her acoustic songs of love & movement touch universal themes of heartbreak, heartache, hope, and joy, and her vision for one corea. For more info, check out Peace.


Issil is a singer & poet whose name means morning dew in Corean. A fire snake gemini born on the same day & year cycle as her spiritual mentor Bob Dylan, Issil's acoustic songs are small poems that come from a pure, truthful place in her heart. They speak of love, longing, happiness, heartache, redemption, and her dream for One Corea.

Um, she also likes doing Biggie, Marley & Lennon covers & very laughable impromptu hippy-gangsta freestyles or 80s dancehall reggae songs. :)

Issil has performed at colleges, cafes & festivals in the United States, North Corea, South Corea, Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa, and at starfilled beaches at night in Cuba, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. Her record label, Issilah Productions, released her debut album Work is Love in 2002, and Taiyo Na's Love is Growth LP this March 2008. She is slated to release her first album of acoustic songs of love & movement, entitled Luminous, this summer.

Recorded by Issil over the span of 2 years in meadows, fields, bedrooms, hotel rooms, near oceans & waterfalls & rivers in Costa Rica, Jejudo, Aotearoa, and Queens, Luminous is a homemade work of love by one girl who defies tradition and pursues her love of song & music, wherever it may lead.

The album will feature collaborations with the legendary South African musician Pops Mohamed and Reunion Island musician Damien Mandrin. She hopes her music will soothe you, make you smile & laugh, or put you in a quiet, dreamy space....and she is grateful to be taking her first steps in this humbling, lifelong journey. Peace.


Ishle, Work is Love, LP (Issilah Productions)
Taiyo Na, Love is Growth, LP (Issilah Productions)
Luminous, LP (coming soon!) (Issilah Productions)

Set List

a typical set list will be 30-40 minutes long, beginning with acapella rhymes & poems, followed by 4-5 original songs with the guitar in 2-3 languages (english, corean, creole), usually ending with a few rousing cover songs where i invite the audience to sing along, call & respond, snap fingers, or clap in time for a satisfying finale.