Is Home Is

Is Home Is

 Des Moines, Iowa, USA

"Is Home Is is a misnomer for just one man, Mickey Davis. The Des Moines native has crafted a sophomore album that jumps between focal points with subtlety and industrial and sonic cleverness. The music walks the thin line between invention and absurdity with perfected ease."


Is Home Is has existed since January of 2012, the music created mainly in bedrooms in Des Moines and St. Paul and the backseat of a car while driving around the Western half of the United States.


"Found Things" LP via Forged Artifacts. Limited CD with custom print sleeves, limited to 250. 2012.

"it's okay because some people still love each other" EP. Self-released, 25 copies of handmade CD boxes and drawn artwork. Early 2012.

Set List

Okay Vibes
Windows, pt II
You Know it's Worth Saying Out Loud by This Point
Rehearsing a Choir, pt I
Rehearsing a Choir, pt II