The songs presented by Ishtar stand the test of time thanks to their emotional value and their honesty. They are jewels from the treasury of European folk music and, although very diverse, have a common theme : love in all its facets. Crossover between folk, world and classic music.


Ishtar makes music that goes straight to the heart. Strong melodies that take you away into an other world. The vocal and instrumental arrangements are based on authentic musical material from the 11th century up to the present time. Little jewels from the treasury of European folk music.

The songs that Ishtar presents easily cross linguistic and cultural borders.

Each song tells a story, each melody is a testimony. Lovers have always communicated their feelings by singing them. Ishtar distils this message and offers the elixir in a surprising new musical form.
Crossover between folk, world and classic. An ideal group for intimistic concerts!

Added value: All songs are are in the traditional language: so we perform in more than 20 different European languages.

NEW: The music of Ishtar is also available for Symphonic Orchestra


CD 1: Troubamour 2005
CD 2: O Julissi 2008 (Universal Music Belgium)

Radio Airplay: several songs
Participant Eurosong 2008 in Belgrade

Set List

Evening set: 2 x 40'
Festival set: 1 x 60'