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Constant Spring, Saint Andrew, Jamaica | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Constant Spring, Saint Andrew, Jamaica | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Isiah Mentor challenges the system with Rasta Government"

Isiah Mentor challenges the system with Rasta Government

Thursday, October 21, 2010

RASTA Government is the title of the latest CD from Rastafarian singer, Isiah Mentor. A strong collection of conscious, thought-provoking songs, the CD pays tribute to Rastafari.

Isiah Mentor, who says his mission is to "wake up the walking dead through music", has been back and forth between Jamaica and the US, promoting the CD and working on a music video project.

ISIAH MENTOR... yard is where it all begins, and no matter what, it is important to establish a presence here in Jamaica
ISIAH MENTOR... yard is where it all begins, and no matter what, it is important to establish a presence here in Jamaica 1/1

"The album was actually released in November 2009 and is available at all major download sites, and is doing reasonably well," he said.

According to the artiste, his Rasta Government single showed up on the charts in Italy during its first pre-release week.

The singer recently returned from Germany, where he was on tour with Pow Pow, rated among the best reggae sound systems in that European country. Making a decision to give up an upcoming European tour, the reggae artiste says he is placing his focus on getting back in the groove locally.

"Yard is where it all begins, and no matter what, it is important to establish a presence here in Jamaica," the world-travelled artiste explained. "You cannot go around yard," he emphasised.

Isiah Mentor was born in Rae Town, Kingston and early in his career linked up with the legendary King Tubby, through the studio engineer, Professor, who was very impressed with one of his performances "Professor told me to meet him at the studio in Water House, and I did an audition for King Tubby. He was dressed in his mesh merino and looked very stern. When he gave me the green light, I nearly let out a shout of joy," recalled the artiste, who at that time went by the name Lilly Melody.

He received that moniker while living at Central Village because he was always singing by the river early mornings with lots of lilies around.

As part of King Tubby's Firehouse Crew with other acts such as Red Rose, King Kong and Michael Palmer, Isiah Mentor released quite a few singles and started touring the United States. He recalls that his first overseas trip was for radio announcer and promoter Clinton Lindsay.

Isiah later migrated to the US, but he was still doing music. He started his own record label, Village Roots Records and released Reggae Startime Vol 1, with Tanya Stephens, Anthony B, Turbulance, Chuck Fender, Vybz Kartel, George Nooks and himself.

In 2006 , Isiah released one of his biggest hits so far, Fight Fight Fight, which charted in Germany, Italy, and France went to number one in New Mexico, USA.



front and centre for the past few years, Isiah Mentor reminisces about his career and tells us about his present life and projects.

Those who appreciate 'early digital' style and dancehall music from the 1980's should know him as Lilly Melody. Since this era, Isiah Mentor kept his sweet and beautiful voice and only changed his name.

He never stopped being a reggae activist.

After taking a few years from the biz to find out what Jah wants me to do, in a vision he told me that my name must be symbolic to my mission and that name most be Isiah Mentor, it means a teacher, a leader and one who has the vision to see ahead.

Real humanist, Isiah Mentor does not sing for entertainment but got a message to spread to mankind as his biggest hit 'Fight Fight Fight' shows.

I want to let people of the world know that politicians work for us and the people has the power to change their reality. I am here to burn out corruption and spread Jah teaching with love.

Native from Rae Town, Kingston, Jamaica, Ian Samuels aka Isiah Mentor raised in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, since the age of three. Music has always took a big part in his life.

As a ten years old boy I was cleaning the floor with a coconut bow and rexo floor polish and singing the hit song 'Stealing Love On The Side' when my aunt heard me and called all my family members to listen to me, that's when I knew that I can sing.

Few times later, he did his first singing performance for the Ministry of Health in Jamaica at a rehabilation center for sick people.

King Tubby's era
Serious matters - if we can say - started with King Tubby's in Waterhouse.

I was discovered by [King Tubby's] engineer named 'Professor' at a dance in Hold Harbour, St Catherine, Jamaica. He asked me to come to the studio to let the King hear me so I did just that and from that day we became a family, the Firehouse family. There I recorded a lot, worked on new projects that were distributed by Tuff Gong, Sonic Sounds and others major distributors on the island. At that time sound systems from all over the world like Coxon and Saxon, Stereo Malt, Stereo Gav, Arrows, just to name a few, were doing dub plates there frequently, and I was one of the artist there in the mix of things, alongside Anthony Redrose, King Kong, Wayne Palmer, King Everald and Banana Man just to name a few. We were like one big family that was very compete with each other, but it was all fun. Our chef at the time, the well known notorious Sandokan before we broke out to be most notorious. So we made music, our belly was full and we had a lot of fun at King Tubby.

During the 80's, Isiah Mentor released several dubplates and singles as Lilly Melody. His first release, 'Ghost Buster' came out in 1986 on FireHouse.

This song was recorded with the help of top Jamaican DJ Barry G, he left the studio with the mix version and played it on the radio in half an hour, I reached home and my friends and family heard me on the radio first time (…) I became the local star from that night.

Then came out singles 'Pressure Me', 'Older Than Me', 'How You Pretty', 'Jumbo' on King Tubby's FireHouse label. In 1987, the singer relocated to the USA and recorded 'Big In A Bed' that went number 2 in local chart. One year later, he also released a great LP entitled 'Give It To Me' on Park Heights. This set features crucial early digital tunes as 'Sandra', 'Jah Guide' and 'Give Me Your Loving'.

'Those that see roots as dead maybe they are mentally dieing'
Isiah Mentor's airy and beautiful voice was already perceptible at this time. First influenced as a young man by Barrington Levy, Isiah Mentor said that the first song [he] sang was 'Black Roses' then Dennis Brown, Eddie Fitzroy, Mykal Rose, Ini Kamoze and Garnett Silk styles of singing motivate [his] style of singing now.

Whereas many artists from the 80's chose to turn to Dancehall music, Isiah Mentor is stuck to roots music. And when we ask him why does he prefer it to Dancehall -which actually rules in jamaican charts- he make no bones about it.

Because Jah gave I a mission to do so. Roots music lives. The foundation of reggae music it's roots reggae which is the heart beat and it's still beating, it's one of the only music that deals with the good, the bad, and the ugliness of live, which is a reality. So those that see it as dead maybe they are mentally dieing.

Since the 2000's he released several tracks as 'Ghetto Children' featured on his first rhythm driven CD 'Reggae Star Time Vol.1' released in 2004 on his own Village Roots label. It also includes the serious 'Do Good' and 'Love Me For Me' featuring Anthony B both on Plastic Smile Riddim. Keeping on delivering a message of love and unity, Isiah released others tunes as 'Cry Africa' for B&M Records. For this one, he explains that he did the song through the eyes of one woman with her dying child.

Recently, the singer produced 'Rasta Government', a heavy tune with serious lyrics. Producing strictly roots and culture music, he's now working on his own album for early 2008 and is about to release various singles with Tanya Stephens, Anthony B and Turbulence on Village Roots. A conscious artist to closely follow.

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SEARCHBy Ranking John On Nov 8th 2009

Isiah Mentor: Rasta Government
Roots with rhythm and commitment from Isiah Mentor.

Isiah Mentor (Ian Samuels) was born in Kingston and first made his musical mark in the 1980s when he served his dubplate apprenticeship at King Tubby’s studios under the rather surprising name of Lilly Melody, releasing a series of well-received singles beginning with Ghost Buster in 1986. Now making music which is firmly committed to the timeless sound and spiritual message of roots rather than the digital rhythms of dancehall, Isiah Mentor’s mission and intentions are clear from his chosen name. This release from Village Roots records brings together sixteen tracks, opening with One Love : not the Marley song but another song of peace and love, with vocals up front, subtle bass and guitar instrumentation, some hints of his dub background in the mix, melodic, strictly roots. The understated rhythms are a feature throughout the album, as are the spiritual themes of tracks with titles like Save Mi Now Jah and Show Them Father.

Isiah collaborates with the singjay figure of Turbulence on First Class, a strong melody with a prominent vocal track. The title track Rasta Government, with a straightforward political plea summed up clearly enough in the title, has been played extensively already and it articulates the message of Isiah Mentor. Along with most of the other tracks, its rhythms are more powerful through being understated, and the vocals are strong.

The theme of commitment to change also comes through clearly in War Against the Poor, with its slightly unexpected, though effective, rock guitar solo in the middle. Cry Africa is a tender treatment of the sufferings of the continent, with rhythms and melody that could just as easily be placed within rock or R and B. Fight Fight Fight, Isiah Mentor’s successful single, has a strong message of human rights, some subtle dub influence in the mix, and multi-tracked vocals.
The closing track – Three’s Company – is a good old style male-female collaboration (in this case with Tanya Stephens) at the mainstream end of reggae. It lightens things up nicely at the end of a varied, melodic, committed series of songs.
- reggae united

"Isiah Mentor on"

check him under Reggae artists - Dafina


On the King tubby's fire house lable in the late 80's and under previous artist name (lilly melody)-PRESSURE ME,HOW YOU PRETTY SO, OLDER THAN ME, GHOST BUSTER, ONE TIME MAN,CEASE FIRE SELECTOR, and a album titled GIVE IT TO ME.



Isiah Mentor was born in Rae Town Kingston ,Jamaica West Indies. At the age of three his family relocated to Spanish town, St.Catherine.
Isiah was surrounded by music 24-7.His great Aunt, Miss Lore was a political vocalist. Every household had a sound system with music to sing . His family’s reaction brought him to realize that he had talent.
Isiah started to sing at school, Tivoli Garden High School in Kingston when they had concerts or functions.
Surrounding communities and his friends, spread the word fast of his talent . The Ministry of Health held a concert for the sick in Spanish town Isiah was one of the first talents on the line up.

He became the most recognized new Artist in Spanish town. Promoters and night club owners had him performing on weekends .He performed with fellow artists such as Anthony Redrose, Wicka man ,Papa san, Major worries, Dirts man, just to name a few.
Isiah relocated to Central Village, St. Catherine where his career took off like a rocket, He quickly became the top vocalist in dancehall and
landed the job as sound vocalist on a sound from New Kingston that substituted for U Roy’s Stereo Gav whenever it was on tour or needed maintenance. He also sang for the area number 1 sound called Runner Tone. He did one of his tours around the islands .Isiah was singing on a sound called Count Bassi Intl in Old Harbor where he met King Tubby and studio engineer, “Professor” who was very impressed with his performance, Professor told Isiah to meet him at the studio in Water House, Kingston ,Jamaica He became a member of the Fire House Crew.
At king Tubby's, Isiah recorded dub plate specials for sound systems worldwide ,sounds like Coxon, Saxon ,Arrows ,Stereo malt, Wadat, Stereo Gav,Unity, just to name a few.
KING TUBBY “ the King” , he was called .was and still is the most respected Producer in Jamaica . Most top Reggae Artists recorded for him and Isiah got the chance to work and meet him.
Reggae magazines and radio personalities from around the world came to Water House to interview King. Artists like Black Uhuru ,Ini kamozi ,Burning Spear,Barrington Levy,The Wailers,Edi Fitzroy and Dennis Brown,You can hear all these artists in Isiah singing styles. Thats the school he came from .
He got his first show over seas in New York with Johnny Osborne , LT stitchi ,Little John all produced by Clinton Lynsy ,He got more shows , traveled back and forth from America to England doing shows.
While performing in the U.S ,he ran into “PROFESSOR” his first help in the biz so both him, Philip Smart from H.C and F co-produced “BIG INA BED” that went # 2 on the New York charts and the British Reggae charts.
Up to this point his name was Lilly Melody ,a name he got when living at Central Village He was always singing by the river early mornings with lots of lily flowers around.
He went on to do a few more singles and shows for some Independent producers as Lilly Melody. Isiah was getting older and started to feel he has to help the human race from self destruction so he took a break from writing , recording to re-educate him self mentally to go on this mission, He got re-energized by Luciano, Sizzla and Garnett Silk, then felt he had to work on his art and step it up a notch .
During one of his daily meditations, Jah Rastafar -I came to him in a vision and told him why he was here, his mission, and his name should be symbolic of his work, ISIAH MENTOR.

He recorded singles for music”Witty”Master Label like Zion Train, Everything and Stronger , also recorded for the Golden Cartel Label Road Block ,Black Pyramid prod-Only Jah, Agrian from Black Scorpio,"What have you Done", Reggae Run de Place",Astyle records" Far from home" ,this song was on the New York top 30 charts for 6 weeks.

Isiah started his own record label ,Village Roots Records and released one of the tuffest compilation cd on the market right now, Reggae Startime vol.1, with Tanya Stephens,Anthony B, Turbalance, Chuck Fender, Vybes Cartel, George
Nooks and Isiah mentor,a few on the 21 track
cd.This cd got very good reviews worldwide .

In 2006 ,Isiah released one of his strongest tunes as of yet entitled ,“Fight Fight Fight”, which was released as a 7” single on In The Streetz Records. The tune was written and produced by Isiah Mentor on his label ,Village Roots Records along with a video that is being played all around the world. "Fight Fight Fight" is on some charts in Germany, Italy, and France to name a few and is #1 in New Mexico U.S.A. .He also voiced , produced another heavy Roots Anthem ,called “Rasta Government” which has gotten some serious credentials/feedback amongst the Jamaican roots-scene, and showed up on the charts in Italy during its first prerelease week.
Isiah Mentor

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