ISIS LUNE draws influence from a wide range of musical styles to create a fresh combination of R&B and folk grooves, classical and jazz melodies/ harmonies, with electronic textures.

Basically, if Bjork and Radiohead had kids that lived in a cave in the ocean... that would be us.


Boston/NYC based alternative electronic-rock band ISIS LUNE submerges their listeners
in a realm of sonic encompassment. Reminiscent of artists such as Bjork, Radiohead, and
Bon Iver, ISIS LUNE introduces a new sound fused with a hint of familiarity. Its five
members, coming from different musical and cultural backgrounds, create an intriguing
mixture of styles – a combination of R&B and folk grooves, alongside classical and jazz
harmonies, and electronic textures. These unique soundscapes come alive with the
vivacious imagery of the lyrics, and the emotional vocal performance of lead singer Ella
Joy Meir, creating an unforgettable experience.
ISIS LUNE continues to gain enthusiastic recognition for their two music videos and single
release. Fans are currently looking forward to ISIS LUNE's upcoming single and music
video, entitled "Triplets", as well as engaging live performances across Boston and NYC.

Set List

1. Drink the Twilight
2. Leaking
3. Man & Sea
4. Triplets
5. Porcelain
6. Morning
7. Nothing
8. Bring me the Moon
9. Glory Box (cover)
10. Belly