Incognito Sofa Love

Incognito Sofa Love


The sound that defines Incognito Sofa Love is a musical pastiche, taking influence from the likes of Tom Waits, Prince, Medeski Martin & Wood, Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers and modern underground music and creating their own brand of music that they call "Spunk!."


Incognito Sofa Love, also known simply as ISL, hails from New London, Connecticut. The band has been together for eight years, playing gigs and adding heads to their ever-growing fanbase steadily throughout New England.

The band self-released their debut record, SofaSoGood, in 2003 with no distribution, except their tour van and word of mouth. Engineered by Andy Stackpole (Mos Def, Living Colour), SofaSoGood would sell out of its initial 1000 copies and gather enough buzz to be noticed by ABC World News Now, who would have the band perform live on their program. Ron Corning would later comment that ISL was "really a jazz funk!"

After three years of anticipation, the band finally released their follow-up, Hot Pink, in 2006. Hot Pink was recorded in part by Fuzz (of Deep Banana Blackout), who took a liking to their music immediately after playing a show with them. Two weeks after the release of Hot Pink, they were approached by Los Angeles label Tribe Records and signed quickly thereafter.

With the backing of Tribe Records, Hot Pink would later be remixed and Doug Sax (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Aretha Franklin) would take on the remastering of the album. Hot Pink was released in the fall of 2007 to massive praise - both in the press and the public.

ISL's versatility is one reason for their success so far. The band can play a small jazz bar one night, an indie rock club the next and an open-air arena jam festival the night after that (it's been done). They have played all over New England and toured and performed with the likes of Deep Banana Blackout, Soulive, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, The Slip, OK Go, Girl Talk, Jason Isbell (of Drive-By Truckers), Wesley Willis, Rolla, Joey DeGraw and Granola Funk Express.

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Toad's Place - New Haven, CT
AS220 - Providence, RI
Nectar's - Burlington, VT
ABC Studios - New York, NY
Knitting Factory - New York, NY
Whiskey Dix - Philadelphia, PA
Common Ground - Burlington, VT
Club 218 - Philadelphia, PA
Sully's - Hartford, CT
Skybar - Boston, MA
The Bitter End - New York, NY
Lion's Den - New York, NY
Alchemy - New Haven, CT
The Wheel House - Narragansett, RI
Powder Mill Barn - Enfield, CT
El 'N' Gee - New London, CT
The Oasis - New London, CT
Kenny's Castaways - New York, NY
Trash Bar - Brooklyn, NY
Daniel Packer Inne (6 year residency) - Mystic, CT


Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, MA
University of Connecticut, Storrs - Storrs, CT
Connecticut College - New London, CT
Providence College - Providence, RI


Adirondack Mountain Music Festival - Lyonsdale, NY
Floralia (Connecticut College Spring Festival) - New London, CT
Sailfest - New London, CT
I Am Festival - New London, CT


Hot Pink (2007, Tribe Records)
SofaSoGood (2002, self released)

Towers Of New London Vol. 3 (2004, Cosmodemonic Telegraph)
Towers Of New London Vol. 4 (2007, Cosmodemonic Telegraph)

Set List

Set time:

30 min - 4 hours

Covers played:

"Jockey Full Of Bourbon" - Tom Waits
"Strange Relationship," "When Doves Cry," "Darling Nikki" - Prince
"Criminal" - Fiona Apple
"Miserlou" - Dick Dale
"All Wrong" - Morphine
"The Lover" - Medeski Martin & Wood
"Chameleon" - Herbie Hancock
"Sweet Transvestite" - Rocky Horror Picture Show