Island Dreamin' Band

Island Dreamin' Band


Combine Bob Marley, Don Ho, Jimmy Buffet, and Harry Belafonte, and you have just described Island Dreamin'. We love to take our audiences back to their favorite islands, whether that's in Key West, the Caribbean or Hawaii. We're Island Dreamin', and we hope you are too!


Originally from Hawaii, Island Dreamin’ was started by lead singer, songwriter and keyboardist Ronnie ‘Tsunami’, along with beautiful steel drummers Joanna and Keilani, in an attempt to bring a little island spirit to their new home in Charlotte, NC. With a unique mix of Hawaiian, Caribbean, Calypso, Reggae and Beach music, Island Dreamin’ is shaking up the idea of what tropical music should sound and look like. Since starting up in 2005, Island Dreamin’ has added some of the most talented and passionate island performers to help transport audiences to the islands.

Greg ‘The Tiki Man’ Torzillo, a rock musician and surfer, instantly puts people in the islands with his lap-steel guitar, but he also brings an edge that allows Island Dreamin’ to deliver some mind blowing beach and reggae concerts.

Asa Young, a popular musician that tours with the top Hawaiian performers in the world, brings down the house with a mastery of the ukulele that few have seen.

Michael ‘Brudda Bolo Head,’ takes audiences to a whole different time and place with the smoothest island vocals anywhere.

Rounding out the sound of Island Dreamin’ is Renee Ebalaroza, a popular jazz singer whose voice and beauty takes Island Dreamin’ to a whole new level.

Together, these seven performers form the most unique and talented tropical band anywhere in the world – Island Dreamin’.

Set List

Our normal set consists of an "island hopping" tour of Key West, the Caribbean, and Hawaii that can last from 1 to 5 hours. We have a wide range of tropical cover tunes from Jimmy Buffet to Bob Marley, and we play a number of cool original tunes as well.

Bird of Paradise
Christmas in the Islands
Come Joanna
Hurry Home
Island Dreamin’
Living Aloha
Paddle Downstream
Parrot Parade
Pineapple & Tequila
Pretty Island Girls
Sexy Island Woman
Simple Kiss
Smile Kayla
Tropical Beat
Tropical Depression
Tropical Lady
Under the Coconut Trees
Where's My Soul
Aloha Oe
Baby Blue
Beautiful Kauai
Blue Hawaii
Guava Jelly
Haole Hula
Hawaii Aloha
Hawaiian War Chant
Hawaiian Wedding Song
I'll Remember You
Ipo Lei Momi
Island Style
Kanaka Wai Wai
Little Brown Gal
Lovely Hula Hands
Menehune Beach Boogie
Molokai Slide
Pearly Shells
Pi'i Mai Ka Nalu
Red Light
Tahiti Tahiti
Tiny Bubbles