Island Wren

Island Wren

 Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA

We are a group of musicians that derive our unique sound from combining different styles of music, catchy melodies, and engaging vocal harmonies. We create this music in Murfreesboro, TN where we live in a house that we call the Mill.


Island Wren is a band that formed in the Fall of 2012, by a group of friends who enjoyed making music together. Since the start of the group in 2012, original members Chris and Ben Godley and Cole Maness, have added Camille Faulkner and Parker Deal to make the group a unique and driving folk band that continues to gain notoriety wherever they play.

The band's influences are pulled from all the band members' individual music tastes along with their faith and beliefs. Rooted in the folk and bluegrass styles of Appalachian music, where brothers Chris and Ben are from, Island Wren is a one of a kind listening experience. They create this music in Murfreesboro, TN in a house they have named the Mill.

Band Members:

Chris Godley // Lead Vocals, Mandolin, Banjo, Acoustic Guitar

Ben Godley // Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Camille Faulkner // Vocals, Fiddle

Parker Deal // Vocals, Bass Guitar

Cole Maness // Drums


Hand It To You

Written By: Island Wren

Some days my mind gets crowded
I can hear the storm coming
And my eyes aren’t even watching
They go somewhere else
Some days my feet can wander
Right back to my bed
I’d like to say it was me
But there’s a stranger in my head

I guess it takes a little time
To clean this old heart of mine
And when its washed through and through
I’ll hand it to you
I’ll hand it to you

Some days I fail to notice
All the hurt that I’m doing
And still I look at you and say
“God knows that I am right”
But what account am I?
And what account are you?
If we’re both bleeding on the ground
Where is our alibi?


Some days I don’t believe
That we could be washed clean



Written By: Island Wren

If you look out across the window
There’s not much there to see
Just a fading, dying meadow
Hiding lions’ teeth

And if I gave it all
Would I feel you here?
And if I gave it all
Would I feel alright?

Broken bodies, broken families
This place is all I’ve known
Well I’ve seen hope but I chose not to
take it
Why do we hold onto our worst?


So water cover me
‘Til I can barely breathe
I’ll drown right here ‘til I see
It was never about me

Why am I holding on?

Where My Love Runs Free

Written By: Island Wren

I have a love in the mountains
Her presence is
The Appalachian stream
Where my love runs free
Where the waters rush around
Against my skin against the ground
She echoes a song to me

And all I know is
This is where my heart is home.

I came from Carolina
And found a Tennessee love
My heart stretched across
The ridgeline
She leads me to still waters
And breaks the dawn
She whispers a song to me


Where my love runs free…

You are the song I sing
You are the air that I breathe
You’re where my love runs free.


Written By: Island Wren

Rise up brother you’re
Not that low, no you’re not that low
You’ve got grace running through your bones.

Every morning you
Greet them at your door
Every demon every
Heartache that you’ve bore
And every breath that you breath
Tastes of everything you’ve seen
Stand up and we’ll
find out what you need


Face to face you feel a million miles away
You don't get nothing with some blank stares at a page
I wish you'd look down and see
The blue ridge mountains at your feet
Tell me in your dim lights do you feel free?