Isle of Essence

Isle of Essence


Drawing from the stylings of funk, rock, jazz, blues and any other soulful forum, they’ve become a melting pot with these ingredients giving birth to a groove completely their own. With their belief of the message in their music, they only wish to be given a chance to perform for the world.


The Black Crowes, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Alice in Chains all mixed together with our own original vibe. AND we definitly like to get DOWN with the crowd! (you'll just have to see us live to understand) We are 3 men who are passionate about our lives and our music and it shows everytime we play. Whether that be at practice or at a show. We are all great friends; which makes EVERYTHING that much easier.


Guerreiro Da Luz (2005)

Lovely Lady has been played on THE EDGE 103.9

Set List

We can either rock out a 45min set OR we could play all night. We are an original band BUT we have been known to back up local hip-hop artists as well as sitting in with local blues artists...