Isle of Rhodes

Isle of Rhodes

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Isle of Rhodes is a two piece keyboard band featuring the Fender Rhodes that sounds more like a three piece guitar based band. Using mainly vintage gear it is reminiscent of Radiohead, The Shins, White Stripes, Doors, Morissey, and a bit of "Jerry Lee Lewis/Stevie Wonder."


Adopting their name from the rhodes keyboard that sits at the center of their sound, Isle of Rhodes set the bar high for power duos.  One the hardest hitting keyboard pairs out of Brooklyn, Rob Farren (vocals/rhodes) and Colin Behram (drums) interweave their dynamic stylings and virtuosic abilities,  fashioning rock with ensemble flair, drawing on blues, funk, and classical elements, with influences ranging from Gershwin, Beethoven, Radiohead, The Beatles, Arcade Fire, to Roy Orbison.


Started in 2011 under the name  Seafarers Union by Farren, the band officially became  Isle of Rhodes  in the spring of 2012 with a release of a full-length LP,  All Rivers and Oceans. After a national summer tour,  Behram joined in October of 2012, and the pair embarked on two more national tours in the first half of 2013 in support of their self-titled EP, and lent their music to Zach Braffs Kickstarter campaign for his 2013  film Wish I Was Here. Striking the perfect balance between hipster and rock, Isle of Rhodes just released their new EP Affirmation Caravan this past February.



Written By: Robert Farren

The land will lift, and the oceans will split, the continents drifting away.
Water will rise, wetting what's dry, tomorrow not today
The elements change, mountains crumble with rain, rivers divide what once was plain.
Where there is forest now there is sand blowing away with the time.

The people you hugged the people you loved, the people you kissed and you knew.
Those that you fought and those that you taught were ever a part of you.
And when it is done the love that you gave, the work that you did, the money you made.
Left on your bed these thoughts stay in your head alone and only for you.

We were once an ocean, We were once an ocean, We were once an ocean, and oh... we'll let go.

I think of us in my repose, I think of us while I pray.
I think of our nights that I can recall, I think of all of our days
I hold no regrets except for one, for one more day under your sun
I wish for more time, but what can be done? It's beyond our control

We were once an ocean, we were once an ocean, we were once an ocean, and oh... we'll let go

I wish that I hadn't been so vain, to think what I owned made me.
I wish that I had listened to you in those objects I wasn't free
The shallow life that I chose to lead
The simple signs that I didn't read
Now alone, by myself it seems so much like greed

We were once an ocean, we were once an ocean, we were once an ocean, and oh... we'll let go......


"All Rivers and Oceans"