Ismail Altunsaray

Ismail Altunsaray

 İstanbul, Istanbul, TUR

Ismail has started his career in music playing the Baglama at the age of 12. In his first album Ismail follows the track of Turkish music masters such as Muharrem Ertas, Musa Eroglu, Neset Ertas, Haci Tasan and Çekiç Ali and provides his listener with fantastic samples of Anatolian Bozlak wich is an ancient form of the music of Central and Southern Anatolia.


Ismail Altunsaray has completed his undergraduate studies at the Istanbul Technical University, State Conservatory of Turkish Music. He has also completed a graduate degree in Turkish Music at the Institute of Social Sciences of Haliç University. He worked as an instructor at the Istanbul Technical University, State Conservatory of Turkish Music between the years 2009-2011. He took a very active role in many concerts and events organized by university both on the national and the international level. He worked as a Saz player at Turkish Radio Television Istanbul Radio for Turkish Folk Music and the Turkish Folk Music Choir of the Turkish Ministry of Culture. He also played in many television and radio shows. He has shared the same stage in many concerts with well known Turkish artists such as Erkan Ogur, Erdal Erzincan, Cengiz Özkan.

Ismail has brought together the Flamenco and Bozlak musical traditions and played many concerts that attracted international atention with Paco Pena, Miguel Ortega and Ye Ye De Cadiz. He has performed a number of solo concerts in 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2011 within the Istanbul Technical University Baglama Festival, a festival that is attended by masters of Baglama such as Arif Sag, Musa Eroglu, Erkan Ogur and Erdal Erzincan.