Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Ismism is just a wave of cosmic sound. A sonic organism seeping with ambient brilliance, lo-fi grime and meandering melodiousness.


Ismism is an ambient experimental rock group based in Montreal. The brainchild of drummer Matthew Daher, the compositions are the product of his experimentation with the synthesis of found sounds, samples, and acoustic instruments both traditional and obscure. The group has been active since winter 2008, when Daher recruited a diverse gang of musicians—Nicolas Godmaire (Guitar), Harry Knazan (Vibraphone), Alex LeBlanc (Bass) and Maude Locat (Synth)— to perform and invigorate his compositions.

While maintaining the aesthetic of his original recordings, Ismism’s live shows have transformed the songs into semi-improvisatory electro-acoustic performance pieces that traverse territory from whispery, ambient soundscapes to grimy, chaotic noise breakdowns—carrying the listener through an equally expansive emotional landscape. After enchanting Montreal audiences for nearly 2 years and the release of their self-titled, debut EP in February, Ismism embarked on their first tour in late Summer 2010, performing with musicians and visual artists from areas as diverse as Baltimore, MD, Austin, TX and Kingston, Ontario.


-Self-Titled EP (Released February 2010)

-Dwelling Demos (Ambient Demos Recorded 2008, Released April 2010)

Ismism released its eponymous EP in February 2010. Self-produced and self-released, the EP’s five tracks are propelled by driving, often irregular rhythms in the tightly woven bass and drums, as lyrical melodies and layered patterns float above in the vibraphone, synthesizer, and guitar. Blissful sojourns into radiant textures unite the ethereal with the tangible elements of the EP’s sound.

Set List

Over 70 minutes of original compositions.