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"Ismo Alanko Teholla - Blanco Spirituals"

"Alanko and Majamäki form a genuine band - that kind of band, which you want to listen more, now and in the future."


Jan Wessman

- Soundi-magazine

"Ismo Alanko Teholla - Blanco Spirituals"

"Ismo Alanko & Teho's music has glimpses of pop here and there, pieces of punk and hints of hymns. No need to be worried: the lazy yet immanent voice of Alanko glues all elements smoothly together."

Pirkko Kotirinta, Helsingin Sanomat - Helsingin Sanomat


Hassisen Kone:

- Täältä tullaan Venäjä (1980)
- Rumat sävelet (1981)
- Harsoinen teräs (1982)

Sielun Veljet:

- Sielun Veljet (Live, 1983)
- Lapset (Ep, 1983)
- Hei soturit (1984)
- L'amourha (1985)
- Kuka teki huorin (1986)
- Suomi Finland (1988)
- Softwood Music Under Slow Pillars (1989)
- Musta laatikko (1991)
- Otteita Tuomari Nurmion laulukirjasta (2007)

Ismo Alanko:

- Kun Suomi putos puusta (1990)
- Jäätyneitä lauluja (1993)
- Taiteilijanelämää (1995)
- Irti! (1996)

Ismo Alanko Säätiö:

- Pulu (1998)
- Sisäinen solarium (2000)
- Hallanvaara (2002)
- Minä ja pojat (2004)
- Ruuhkainen taivas (2006)

Ismo Alanko & Teho:

- Päästänkö irti (7"/CDS, Fullsteam 2007)
- Blanco Spirituals (CD/LP, Fullsteam 2008)
- 2x1=1 (MCD, Fullsteam 2008)

Ismo Alanko & Teho will release a brand new double DVD titled "Lava" on April 22, 2009. The package contains over 5 hours of material including nearly 50 live songs, music videos, documentaries, clips from various TV programs, and much more.



How come some artists seem to find new life and innovative ways in their work album after another? Take Nick Cave for example, embracing his rock’n roll animal with his Grinderman after years of haunting piano ballads. Take Tom Waits, in his musical exploration deeper and deeper to the mystic world of losers, low-life characters, rhythms and sounds. Or Finland’s Ismo Alanko with his new band, a duo, Ismo Alanko & Teho. Their debut album Blanco Spirituals stands as a proof of its own.

The synergy of Alanko and the percussion instrument wizard Samuli ”Teho” Majamäki is not just evident on stage but also on the album. Blanco Spirituals seems to be all about contentual excellence. Their co-operation in Alanko’s earlier project Ismo Alanko Säätiö shows as confidence that makes the duo sound much bigger than they physically are. These two gentlemen are likely to be stronger than many bands greater in the number of members.

Alanko has a remarkably individual touch in composing: what makes the tracks on Blanco Spirituals sound new and unpredictable is the minimalism in how they are presented. The most delightful thing about this album is indeed the vast variety of styles that incredibly stems from no more than two people; a ruminative piece is followed by a fast-paced track, a beautiful weather is accompanied by a storm. These emotional scales frame occasionally even couplet-like lyrics that speak to the listener both in many ways.

Playing vibraphone, other mallet-instruments and the most explosive parts of the drum kit, Teho could easily eat whitestripes for breakfast. While this man plays, reservations and doubts do not exist. And Ismo Alanko, although nearly 50 years old, still seems to draw from some mystic, scintillating power. Together they form a band that one without a question wants to listen more to, now and in the future.

Having been a notable factor in the Finnish rock music scene since 1980, Ismo Alanko is no less than a living legend in his home country. Alanko has managed to sound fresh on all his albums without compromising his own personal style which makes him one of the most respected artists in Finland today.