Isolated Genetation

Isolated Genetation

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Isolated Generation's music is a fast paced new age sound mixed with a message and traditional roots


Isolated Generation is rooted and based in Denver Colorado, founded by Opt won and ILL 7 in 2000. Isolated Generation have been cultivating their music to be relatable to all who hear their sound. They have shared stages with national act's such as Tame one, 2mex of the visionaries, people under the stairs P.O.D and LA Symphony, Isolated Generation's sound is Versatile and has a feel good Vibe, deriving out of a party rocking vibe to touch on serious topics from domestic violence to politics. These new super hero's of hip hop show substance and heart with every show and song. Acquiring new fans with every show that they do.


Albums released
Dim Flash lights September 1st 2009
Isolated Generation the red album
Check yes check no
Rhyme smugglers EP

Set List

our set's normally run any where from 30 to 45 minuets depending on allowed time, right now were playing songs from our new album
Dim flashlights this is our current set
Southern Trees
Cold as Ice
I am hip hop
Oh sh*t the cop's
Tru blu
Move Vibe