Roots Rastafari Rebel Muzik! Ancient - Futuristic Reggae Rockers Dub & Dancehall Hip Hop. Following in the footsteps of their Jamaican Rastafarian Reggae Forefathers spreading the message of One Love to all humanity from Hawaii to the World!


ISOULJAHS, pronounced (I-Soul-Jahs) is the Roots Reggae army based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. While forming in the early 90's in Southern California, they have come to be known as one of the finest Reggae bands in the islands and internationally.

Originally formed in 1992, ISOULJAHS have come a long way with their own positive original sounds. Their influences are far and wide, and can be recognized within their large catalog of original and cover material.

ISOULJAHS have played at various venues, clubs, and festivals while performing on the same stage shows, learning from, and carrying on the legacy of such artists as Reggae veterans - Bunny Wailer, Burning Spear, Sizzla, Capleton, Steel Pulse, The Wailers Band, Culture, Mighty Diamonds, Michael Rose, Junior Reid, Mutabaruka, Ras Michael, and so many more.

They have independently produced and released three full-length albums and various singles on their own Ras Youths International Recordings (RYI) label since 1994, and continue to do so today. One of their biggest tunes to date is Wadada featuring Ras Mikey & Natty Roots on vocals which was released on the JR/ One Blood label out of Jamaica in 2004. Throughout the years, ISOULJAHS have recorded and worked with some of Reggae and L.A.'s best musicians,including Jr. Reid, Ras Michael, Trevy Felix, Lesterfari (HR, Eek a Mouse, Don Carlos), Jah Bull, Lloyd Hemmings, Dave Rolicke (BECK), Unity Horns, and others and continue to do so with the cream of the crop of Hawaii's Reggae scene today. Their music has been featured in skateboard, surf, and extreme sports shows and videos such as 411 Video Magazine,Various Surf and Skimboarding flicks, the Hen House Video Show, Blue Torch TV, FUEL TV, Reggae Nation TV, TRX TV, and others.

Always geared up and ready for battle - writing, recording, touring, performing, and promoting the Crucial King's Muzik, Reggae Music, ISOULJAHS' conscious lyrics and heavy Reggae riddims are most definitely ancient vibrations coming from the past and headed for the future.

Be sure to catch the Revolutionary sounds of ISOULJAHS coming through to a radio station, sound system, club, or festival date in your area! Run it my selecta!!!

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Written By: Ras Mikey & Natty Roots

Rastafari Love!Wadada Love! Jah, me say One Perfect Love, JAH!

Say, Jah Jah a we Faada
Yes HIM a we Dada
I n I are Rasta, listen
When I chant Wadada, sing
Selassie a we Faada
Yes H.I.M. a we Dada, listen
Come I chant Wadada, sing yo
One Don Dada, Dada
One Don Dada, Dada
One Don Dada, Dada
Wadada, dada, dada
One Don Dada, Dada
One Don Dada, Dada
Wadada, Wadada, Wadada, Wadada

natty's hook:
Yo, so put your One's up, come on put your One's up
And represent One Love...

mikey verse 1:
Say watch this now
Come hear me man, me sing
Inna this time
Check these things pon me mind
We alla satta and a chant one rhyme
While all of de wicked dem a fight n a fight
Gainst the I n I n I n I n I
Ah we a cry we say why oh why
Why all of de wicked wan fe see de righteous die
Becaw we Rasta and we love Selassie I, man
And we nah stop from praising Jah RasTafari
And this ya threat to all of dem likle wicked guys
Cause dem a feel de heartbeat now of the Iyahbinghi I
And if you love Jah you will live
You a go hate H.I.M. you'll die
Don't ask me why, why?

repeat chorus...

natty hook 2:
eh yo Lovin, say dem nah know it like I
Get it from de Lord, me say King Selassie I...

natty verse 1:
ISOULJAHS - mix me
He that Loves not
Knows not the Almighty Faada
That's why I n I ha fe ball out Wadada
Fe me sistas and me brothers
Say let we love each other
That's why I chant to King Selassie I
There is no other...
That's why I chant and glorify the Prince of Peace
RasTafari the Prophet and the High Priest
Jah is Love and
Love is Perfect
no joke me a mek
a serious, righteous
One Love we a chant and Babylon no like us
them a fight us, smite us and backbite us
With nuclear weapons dem a try fe strike us, but
We nuh die, I n I multiply
Like the....
When ....
We'll never hide
Selassie I is by our side
You wanna know why, why

repeat chorus...
repeat natty hook 1.

mikey verse 2:
We teachin alla Rasta Children bout Jah Love
Wise as a serpent but yet harmless as a dove
Chant Wadada, me say One Perfect Love, Wadada
One Perfect Love, Wadada
One Perfect Love.....

repeat chorus...

Crucial Roots

Written By: Ras Mikey Gamboa

Crucial Roots,
Critical n crucial, yea
Crucial Roots,
Roots n Cultural
repeat 2x

verse 1:
Eh why you wanna keep I down
You try and push I around
You try and you try, oh why
To take away my crown
We're forced to take part in
Downpressed Society
Forced to take part in
This ya Babylon Society
It's just Virtual Westernization of my REALITY
With their Tricknology

repeat chorus...

verse 2:
And when I was young
They used to push I around
But now dat I'm a man,
Jah Jah Know,
Now dat I'm a man
Well the Stone dat the Vultures refused has become
The Head Cornerstone
I was told by the Rastaman, true
Africa is my Home too
I'm holdin on to I
Critical, critical, critical

repeat chorus...

And I n I see
This ya Babylon Society
Deny great man
Like Marcus Mosiah Garvey
Iyesus Christ
in His glory n Majesty
Within I n I n I
King Selassie I
Man like Peter Tosh,
Bob Marley

repeat chorus.

Sounz of I-yunda

Written By: Ras Mikey Gamboa

verse 1:
Can you here de Binghi Drums dem a beating
Bumpin hardcore, just beat down Babylon
Can you hear de Kete peater repeating,
callin you up to Holy Mount Zion
Niyah hear de funde, beat and beatin,
beat n beat like de
heartbeat of I n I
Can you hear de sound of the Bass rumble
like the Thunder in the Sky

Jah Jah a go beat dem asunder
Shake dem up wit de Soundz of I-yunda
Jah Jah a go beat dem asunder
Shake dem up wit de Soundz of I-yunda
Sounds of I-yunda
I yant I-yunda, Jah Jah yant I-yunda
Sounds of I-yunda
I yant I-yunda, Jah Jah yant I-yunda

verse 2:
Oh why do the heathen rage
And the people image vain things
Why do you kings of this earth set yourselves against Jah Lord
And against Jah Rastafari Anointed
The wicked conspire among themselves, saying
Come let us break their bands asunder
But Jah that sit in Zion shall laugh
HIM a go vex dem in his sore displeasure, I say

repeat chorus...
repeat verse 1...


Dread Inna Babylon w/ Christian Lady-
Cassette Release 1994 RYI Recordings

Fiyah fe de Beast - "Single"
Ring of Fire Compilation, 1996 Uprising Records

Kings Muzik CD - 1998 RYI Recordings

All She Want, Ras Mikey w/ Anime FX -
2000 Best of Island Music Comp., Global Sounds

Crucial Roots -"Single"-
2001 Hen House Studios Comp., Stone Mt. Ent.

Wadada - "Single" DVD/ CD Compilation
2003 Reggae Nation: West Coast Roots Vol.1,
Resin Music

Crucial Roots CD - 2003 RYI Recordings

Wadada - 2004 7"in. Single JR One Blood Label/RYI Recordings

Monday Night Live CD - 2005 RYI Recordings

Ras Youths International meets PSO - Monday Night Live (live on-air recording) CD - 2006 RYI Recordings

Solomonic Presents- Ras Youths Chronicles: Hosted by Lion Fiyah & Ras Mikey CD - 2008 RYI recordings


Natty Dread (from Kings Muzik CD)-
1998, 411 Skate Video, Australia Special

Crucial Roots & Rasta Yout
(from Crucial Roots CD) - 2003, 411 VM #56

Live Wadada Footage w/ Ras Mikey Interview
Reggae Nation TV: Island Movement DVD/VHS
2003 , Reggae Nation/Resin Music

Hen House TV - Live at the Hen House

Tracks featured on Soundtrack and Music Videos in DVD - Ras Tai Chi, Haard a Yaard, Positive Life
Invisible Kingdom 2: Youth Takeover
2006, Lomsbread Productions/ Poetree Movement

Set List

ISOULJAHS live sets run anywhere from (1) 60 - 90 min. set to (2) 45 min. sets with all Original Compositions as well as various covers of Traditional Reggae Songs, and Foundation Reggae Riddims flavored with, Ras Mikey's, original vocal skats, Ras Mystik's soulful R&B inspired crooning, and Lion Fiyah's fiery singjay lyrics. Nuff good vibes with influences of Dancehall, Dub, Hip Hop, Funk, and other world music, and always an Upful Positive Culture Conscious Message - a Conscious Party!

Their set list includes songs from their multi album releases as well as various singles and unreleased material.

Also available to perform in "original Jamaican Sound System" style with MC/Vocalists performing over DJ mix and prerecorded tracks.

Riddims that may be heard
(Include, but not Limited to):

Rockfort Rock
Real Rock
Drum Song
Pass De Kutchie (Full Up Riddim)
Swing Easy
Hard Times
3 Pc Suit
Far East
and many more