Israel Darling

Israel Darling


Anti-Americana music from the mountains of North Carolina.


Feeling trapped and isolated is a way of life in Western North Carolina. From the former milltowns akeen to Drexel to the tourist driven city of Asheville; it's easy to be in debt and alone until you're gray. And so the tale of Greensboro, North Carolina's Israel Darling began. Born out of one man's coming-of-age trials and tribulation, and grounded by five other southern hearts. Freshly signed to Engine Room Recordings of New York City, Israel Darling is Jacob Darden, Alex Dagenhart, Georgiana Harris, Jeff Bechtel, Mat Masterson and Arlie Huffman and will be releasing its second album "Dinosaur Bones and Mechanical Hands" in the Summer of 2009. For booking and all other inquiries please e-mail the band direct at


"Dinosaur Bones and Mechanical Hands" - Engine Room Recordings

Set List

Six to eight song set, thirty minutes+