Israel Gripka

Israel Gripka


Don't Miss the European Tour In OCTOBER. The record is #2 over there!!!


Amongst the sightly and unsightly scenes from the backdrop of the Midwest, a flower was planted with the nomenclature of Israel Nash Gripka. Watered daily with old school country and receiving the nutrient rays of rock 'n' roll, Gripka has developed roots strong enough to not only hold his own as a singer songwriter, but also strong enough to grab your foot and put you on the ground. Beginning with band projects including, the nationally popular Martyrs Brigade, Gripka has now embarked on his solo endeavors and in doing so has relocated to New York City and formed a stellar backing band. His music is rather insurgent or alternative country in style, but is backed up by a blazing harmonica, a guitar that is as melodious as a cracked bell, and a voice that sounds most like a rusted out steam train that is coming to either pick you up or run you over. Israel is sure to make you experience everything that is important to him: love, sorrow, movement, change, and bourbon. So listen to his music and come on out to a show, this flower has blossomed and deserves your undivided attention.

Israel has been seen with the following outlaws:

-Bobby Bare Jr.
-James McMurtry
-Robbie Fulks
-Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers

UPDATE: NYT has moved to #2 on the Euro Americana Chart for May 2009!! UPDATE: April 2009: Gripka's debut solo album, New York Town has debuted at #21 on the Euro Americana Charts!

Americana UK:
Beat Surrender:


2009-New EP- The Goldmine Is Flooding
2009- New York Town (self rel)
May Airplay:
Freight Train Boogie- Evening
DutchRootsRadio (Netherlands)- Let Me Down
April Airplay:
BBC Radio (UK)- Evening
Hotel Arizona- Concrete
Countrymusic24 Radio (Germany)- Evening
March Airplay: (Netherlands)- Concrete
Luxury Wafer- Evening
February Airplay:
Amplifier- Evening

2008-Songs About Me/Songs About Her (Lasso Productions)
2007-XM Radio: From The Living Room to the Loft
2006-EP Prelude (Lasso Productions)
2003- Weeping Willow Weep

Set List

Typical set lists for Mr. Gripka are anywhere from 45 minutes to three hours depending on the particular needs of the venue.

Being a rather prolific writer (writing about 60 songs per year), Mr. Gripka plays mostly original songs, but will generally weave in a few cover songs in a set. Covers are difficult to predict, as Mr. Gripka always gives his own take on covers that range from classic songs to anywhere from punk to 80's hits. It's always good, and always unpredictably soothing.