Israel Nash Gripka

Israel Nash Gripka


Retreating to the Catskills he reflects on the city’s temptation (Fool’s Gold, Louisiana) and hard-won redemption (Goodbye Ghost, Four Winds) on a swaggering country rock album that recalls The Rolling Stones’ greatest flirtations with the South’s soul and blues.’


From the Ozark Mountains of the Missouri countryside to the concrete jungles of New York City, Israel Nash Gripka presents a musical tradition that reveals both the American fabric and all that rests beneath those weathered and faded blankets of stars and stripes.

In an almost conflicted manner, Gripka uses his upbringing as the son of a southern Baptist minister to contrasts the realities of his life. From drinking to praying, from churches to county jails, and from sorrow to revival, his songs are stories and reflections that serve to kick like classic Rock N’ Roll all while pining with the heart of Americana roots, complete with undertones of soul trampled country, and gospel choirs.

His debut release, New York Town (2009) helped to garner fans in both the U.S. and throughout Europe. With world wide accolades, multiple tours in both regions of the world and growing recognition as a songwriter’s songwriter, Gripka set out to write new songs, with new sounds, new ideas, and new people.

In an attempt to escape those fore mentioned jungles of New York City, Israel sought the taciturn fields of the once familiar countryside. In the heart of an old and dusty hay barn, nestled deep in the Catskill Mountains, Gripka, along with co-producer/drummer Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) and a group of friends, created his anticipated follow up, Barn Doors and Concrete Floors (2011). The vision was to have a studio that wasn’t a studio at all. To capture sounds that no other place could create. To throw away clocks and avoid set hours. To eat around a big table for dinner and sit around a warm fire pit at night. In short, the idea was to create an environment where nothing else really mattered except the gathering of friends making music in the simplest of settings.

Currently, Israel is finishing his next full length record for 2013 release.


Fool's Gold (2011)
New York Town (2009)