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Imagine the sounds and styles of LL Cool J, Nas, Will Smith, and Jay Z all rolled up into 1. Now imagine that 1 being saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Spirit. . . That's ISRAH! - "He is on a mission to save souls."


Stage Name: Israh
Birth Name: Israh Moshaun Brown
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 205lbs
Age: Unknown
Birth date: June 2, year unknown
Birthplace: Chicago Il.

Israh is a devout Christian, a licensed minister, rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. His most recent project [I'm still standin'] shows all these sides. Man it's TIGHT! He's about Kingdom business (saving souls & changing lives). Israh is a minister in good standing and an active member at New Life Family Worship Center in Chicago, IL where Pastor Sylvestor and Rena Johnson are the senior Pastors.

One listen to his current CD and you have to agree, this one is for the history books. Already having sold upwards of 5000 copies independently in one year's time with little radio airplay and no music videos. Cold World Entertainment released the first single from Israh’s CD in July of 2004. It’s the title track I’m still standin’ and it’s a hit with local and internet radio stations. His follow up single That’s Love was released at the end of October 2004 and helped boost sales of the CD. More importantly to Israh is the fact that he has been able to lead hundreds of souls to Christ through the ministry of holy hip-hop.

Israh has been performing and ministering all over the country. Inside of churches, community centers, clubs, and halls. And also at outdoor events from picnics and barbecues to parades and block parties. Israh is featured on the latest cd in DJ “Nasty Boy” Noel’s mixed tape series called Urban Hits, DJ I Rock Jesus’ Live Mix Show Mixtape Series Vol. 2, and the Jireh Fashions Mixtape. Now Israh is seeking major distribution for his full album which will be ready for the streets in 2005. The album titled: "KINGDOM BUSINESS" will include 12-15 tracks and a host of guest appearances. Holla at cha man Israh. He’s bringin’ flava back to da Church. And bringin’ the WORD of GOD to the streets. For real!!!


The Mission

My mission is to bring about change within the communities, homes, and personal lives of people around the world.

To glorify God and magnify Jesus’ name with a Spirit of excellence.

To reach the lost, discouraged, depressed, sick, and afflicted by gracing them with the Word of God through a hip-hop ministry. Sending a message of hope, healing, salvation, and restoration.

To improve the lives of our youth by educating them on relationship with God the creator of all things, the only one who can reveal to them their true purpose.

To put out music that is uplifting and inspirational without compromising the quality of the sound.

To create opportunities to minister the Gospel of Salvation to those who would not otherwise be exposed to the word of God.

To edify the believers and change the minds of the unbelievers that their souls may be saved.

And to discredit the theory that the church is boring.

My goal is to have eternal life, and to stand before my Lord one day and hear him say:
“Well done my child, now enter into my rest.”

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Israh has vowed to live according to the Word of God. Two scriptures that Israh is determined to live by are (1) This Book of Law shall not depart out of my mouth. . . [Joshua 1:8] and (2) Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. . . [Matt 6:33]



Cold World Entertainment
Chicago, Il 60628
Phone: (773)301-1654

Israh M. Brown
1037 Clark Rd
Gary, IN 46404
Phone: (219)944-7367


I'm still standin'

Written By: Israh

(verse 1)
In the midst of the struggle I’d be in trouble if I slipped so I got me a grip
See not long ago I was fallin’ but I heard the Lord callin’ so I said I’d better answer him quick
I’m still standin’
Thanks Lord for holdin’ me up when the burden was just too much
And when my leg was broke you was a crutch, until I believed then you healed me with the slightest touch
and I’m still standin’
There’s many people prayin’ hard as they can for me to fall but still I stand
The devil’s steady tryin’ to take me out and take my life but here I am
I’m still standin’
So when the present is past and last is first and first is last.
I’m still standin’
They can play me on the radio so I can reach out to the masses, Yeah
And tell’em ‘bout my victory how I came from the street and how the Lord straight lifted me
And how my so called friends diminished but God replenished and that was his gift to me

(chorus) I’m still standin’ yeah, yeah, yeah - I’m still standin’ yeah, yeah, yeah! (repeat)

(verse 2)
I’ve got the victory God gives to me and it’s mine for all time cause he lifted me
When Satan tried to tell me it’s ova, I looked in his face and told him “my Father’s Jehovah
Will I win or lose don’t matter no more, the war’s ova so I ain’t gotta battle no more
A free agent cause Satan ain’t got me no more, I’m like Sosa but see I went to bat for the Lord
And I’m a home run hitta, demon head splitta with the whole armor of God as my get up
Took a few blows like a Tyson fight, he tried to bite my ear but my helmet’s tight
My situation is greater than your eyes can see, so don’t judge who I am just by lookin' at me
I serve he who set me free, Jesus Christ he keeps me on my feet.
What? I’m still standin' yall!

(chorus) I’m still standin’ yeah, yeah, yeah - I’m still standin’ yeah, yeah, yeah!

(verse 3)
I done been through the storm and the rain I felt the pain and still remain
I’m still standin’
And through it all before I could fall, I knew I had to make me a change
And you can cover your ears if you don’t wanna hear it but the Lord said I gotta come hot with these lyrics
And I ain’t never gonna stop my flow cause the Lord is the one that I’m fearin’
And all my enemies ain’t who they used to be ever since I excepted the call
The devil’s tryin real hard to trip me but the Lord ain’t gone let me fall. Naw I’m still standin’ baby

(chorus) I’m still standin’ yeah, yeah, yeah - I’m still standin’ yeah, yeah, yeah! (repeat)


That's Love

Written By: Israh

(Verse 1)
Lord you know it just get hard sometimes. I can remember prayin’ hard that I wouldn’t die sometimes.
Wondering where was God sometimes. When what I really should’ve wondered to myself is where was I sometimes.
Let myself down and gave up on dreams I had. Hangin’ around on corners sellin’ fiends some bags.
When I left town and joined the marines you said, “If I just believe in you -you would redeem my past.
And Lord knows, it aint no pun intended, but I’ve done a lot of bad for the fun that’s in it. I was young and timid,
and I just couldn’t quite understand how a boy could mature and grow into a man. I led a double life.
I know it aint right but on the street I had to gain credibility. Labeled as a playa by many, that wasn’t really me.
I know you feelin’ me. You can discern the intent of my heart. See I used to think I was smart,
but book knowledge combined with street knowledge couldn’t get me this far.
This is the message you were tryin’ to teach me, knowin’ that it would reach me
one day when I stopped runnin’ away and made up my mind that I was on your side to stay.
But back then I just had to have my way. Turned my back on you that was a tragic day.

You’ve been better to me than I been to myself. Been by my side through good and bad sickness and health.
You never left me alone, your presence comes straight from above. I did you wrong but you were there for me.
Now that’s love!

Lord I love you. Place no one else above you. My life used to be crazy, but your love it truly saved me.

(Verse 2)
I remember how it felt when I had the chance to reach all my dreams and become a man.
Had a contract to model in a foreign land. But the day before I left there was a change of plans.
It’s like the idea of fame had my mind in a trans, to the point where I took the glory out of your hands.
But without you there’s no way I could’ve advanced. So I never did make it on that plane to France.
That day was like a nightmare that came to life. I was thinkin’ to myself I would be maimed for life.
Right then is when I really should’ve came to Christ. But not yet see I hadn’t paid the price.
Laid the dice, maybe he was holdin’ a grudge. Crapped out cause this dude came startin’ to bug.
You could see the pain all in my mug. And I never will forget how it felt when I caught that slug.
Why would any man claim he’s a thug? I had to put away childish things and begin to grow up.
Used to think I would never slow up. I used to drink I was getting’ tow up. Musically would I ever blow up?
Hold up. Even though I tried to do things at my own pace, you still let me stay covered with your love and grace.
You never took it away. That’s the reason why I’m here today.

You’ve been better to me than I been to myself. Been by my side through good and bad sickness and health.
You never left me alone, your presence comes straight from above. I did you wrong but you were there for me.
Now that’s love!

Lord I love you. Place no one else above you. My life used to be crazy, but your love it truly saved me.
That’s Love!



Written By: Israh


One God, one Christ, one Life. . .
One God, one Christ, one Life. . .
One God, one Christ, one Life. . .
One Love, one way to live right.
Its only one, but some be sayin’ two,
Some people think its three, and others say its foe but you know,
Those the ones that be lost till they hear these rhymes,
God give me what to say so it’s right on time.


Its only one God, one Christ, one Life,
One Love, one way to live right
And one Grace to cover all the children of God.
The one Father anybody else is a fraud.
There is one Judge only he can grant or deny,
Only one truth anything else is a lie.
As I walk through the streets of the Chi,
I hear the voices of men of the world beggin’ me to get high.
But the lust of the flesh I’ve already defeated
When I gave my life to Jesus and he quickened me with
The Spirit God gives to his sons cause I became one
The Holy Ghost burned from within’ scorchin’ my tongue
With fire that’s as hot as the sun
If you see it I suggest that you run
Or be prepared to give your life to the Lord
And come aboard so that we can all be on one accord
And know this for sure!



All it took was one mold, one breath, and one rib
One man, one woman, to make two kids
One good, one evil, cause they took one bite
From one fruit of lies, off the tree of demise
Only one sin put us in position to die
But one Son came so we could have life
He can deal with the stress and the strife,
The sex and the pipe, the hexed and the hyped,
And give us peace for the rest of our life.
He can deal with the things of the flesh
Even help you put your body to rest
So I confess that one death eradicated all our sin,
But one resurrection gave us life again.



All there is is one Church, one body, one head.
One separation from Christ and I’m dead
One cross and one’s blood that got shed
For one earth, look how many chances you had.
There is one Lord, only he’s entitled to reign.
Only one work, why you wanna labor in vein?
As you come to a fork in the road,
You’ve got a major decision to make about saving your soul
But the chance for new life you’ve already been given,
When he died on the cross sayin’ Father forgive ‘em
And it would’ve been sad, and the world would’ve missed him.
But he proved what he said by the fact that he’s risen.

Repeat Chorus



Aug 1996 - Released single - Time to change
Feb 1998 - Released single - So Amazin'
July 2004 - I'm still standin' EP
July 2004 - Released single - I'm still standin' (from the I'm still standin' EP)
Oct 2004 - Released single - That's Love (from the I'm still standin' EP)
Dec 2004 - Released single - Fresh Breeze (from the I'm still standin' EP)
Sept 2005 - Scheduled release of "Tri-Fold" (an all hip-hop worship group of which Israh is a part.) First single - Now I'm Complete

Set List

The Set List is customized for every event depending on what the sponsor needs. Each set is on a case by case basis. Israh is available to preach the word, speak at a conference / workshop, give sermons, teachings, or rock the mic.