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Rovigo, Veneto, Italy

Rovigo, Veneto, Italy
Rock Industrial




"Hot albums of the week on "Metalitalia""

Here is a project that deserves your attention, primarily because you are dealing with a good record and a great band and later because “Trees Never Sleep” is an Italian self-production. Like an increasing number of Italian bands, it follows the logic of the underground market, engaging in practical do-it-yourself investment time, putting money and talent into something that has a solid and consistent foundation. The Venetian IsRain, originating from Padua and Rovigo, with their debut full-length album comes directly after several experiences in smaller entities – Ashcorn, Ocean Drive, H-Strychnine (including the Ensoph vocalist Nicola Favaretto) are the best known.
The proposed audible in this debut is particularly appealing, although it is not 100% in the usual target of what we are dealing with, IsRain in fact, play a metallic rock, industrial and electronic. With so many names in the international alternative scene, if not exactly original, it can still be said they have the maturity to succeed abroad. The names below I know: you can go from Marilyn Manson “Antichrist Superstar” to the Ministry, from Depeche Mode to Deathstars, by Rob Zombie Nine Inch Nails, up to the Paradise Lost and darkwave experimental period. What we appreciate most about “Trees Never Sleep”, as well as the song writing which is particularly valuable, is the special arrangements and the search for sounds suitable to represent sounds and lyrical concept introspective and reflective, sometimes disturbing and psychotic. The dose is injected into the metal combo with a wall of guitars that often stands on sovereign electronic-rhythmic patterns that make up the skeleton of the compositions IsRain. The catchiness of “Parasite”, the variety of “Seasons,” and the impetuousness lively anthem of “No Forgiveness”, the depth of a great song such as “Open Your Door”. These are some of the incarnations the group can put in place, in an honest, compelling and ambitious exhibition. There is a slight flaw detected in the English pronunciation but it is a flaw that does not detract from the goodness of the material contained in the forty minutes of “Trees Never Sleep”, a work that the bolder, darker and dandy of you should find pleasurable. Definitely recommended! - Metalitalia (Italy)

"IsRain reviewed on Nu Rock (in spanish)"

Muy buen debut lleno de ambición y entusiasmo para estos chicos que nos muestran un lado diferente del rock, en el que también tienen su lugar las bellas melodías, conviviendo con los riffs más fríos y crudos del sonido industrial. No os lo perdáis. by Gemma R - Nu Rock Magazine

"Horns Up enjoys IsRain's debut album"

...catchy and easy listening...even if you don't like the genre you can't deny that (the album) is well made, both the production and the band's performance are's a debut that shows all the band's capacities... by Silver - Horns Up Magazine (IT)

"Tempelores Magazine (NL)"

IsRain is a new industrial metal band from Italy. Founded in 2010 they also began writing songs for their debut album back then. “Trees Never Sleep” is IsRain's debut album that is now released to public.
It's been produced, recorded and mixed by the band itself while the mastering had place at the Metropolis Studios In London with Andy “Hippy” Baldwin. Now the guys released their debut album called “Trees Never Sleep”. Nine songs are on this self produced recording. Powerful and kicking ass they go through the album. Dark and evil the music spreads darkness and fear but also energy and some light in between. An interesting album with quite some features. The slower songs half way through the album include jazz elements and others. Quite experimental. It seems like each song has a special feature. The lyrics are quite creepy when listening to them closely. An interesting album by an interesting band. “Trees Never Sleep” is an album you definitely should check out if you are looking for something new in metal. A brilliant album for being a debut and self produced. So definitely worth to support. Maybe we will see this band on some of next years’ metal festivals. Check them out now! by Nina Mende - Tempelores

"IsRain have made into Sonic Shocks top 10 unsigned chart!"

"Take Rammstein and Nine Inch Nails, throw them in a blender and solidify the contents and somewhere down the line of IsRain will rise. This Album is quirky, dark and a refreshing change from the norm.." - Sonic Shocks (UK) issue 10/2012

"Review on Jason's Jukebox (USA)"

Do you remember in the 90's when everything in the post Nirvana world was labeled “alternative”? It could have an 80's vibe – “alternative”. It could be jangly guitar rock – “alternative”. It could be post grunge metal – “alternative”. The debut album by IsRain would fit right into that cycle, if only because it is very hard to categorize. Nine Inch Nails type atmosphere? Check. Metal guitars bordering on thrash at times? Check. Orchestrated instrumental? Check. Clearly, this is an “alternative” record.

IsRain was formed by Alberto “Nails” and Nico – both having extensive backgrounds in European metal bands (Ashcorn and Ensoph, respectively). They wanted to create a new sound and quickly discovered that the chemistry they shared was nothing short of magical. The duo spent all of 2010 perfecting the songs, tinkering and collaborating. Once they put together a full band (including fellow Ashcorn alumni, Millo), the band devoted the last half of 2011 towards recording a masterful album. Sometimes the key to perfection is allowing mistakes to happen, and the recording of this album was no different. Musical experiments became part of the record or were scrapped, but the process led the band to unexpected places.

So how does the finished product hold up? Trees Never Sleep is an album that bears traces of a 90's influence (think Nine Inch Nails or White Zombie) but has a forward thinking approach. There are songs that are very immediate as well as songs that take a few listens to show their beauty. An “alternative” hit for the year 2012.

Live in the memory…(a few highlights)

No Forgiveness begins with squealing guitars before a thrash metal sound takes over. It all leads up to the stunning chorus with its shout-along chant of the title. The music slows down for an atmospheric interlude before being enveloped by the noisy assault. Key lyrics:

Do you remember how we used to be?
Do you remember the days of innocence?
When the darkness was far away from us
we lived in the light, eternal spring
Do you remember how we used to be?
And our fragile dreams of glass?
Which hand has put the seed of despair
within us? Within us.

Open Your Door a slower vibe with this song – piano / synth flourishes throughout. Passionate vocals, with eerie effects at various times. The last verse of this song is simply stunning as the music becomes more aggressive and Nico sings his heart out. There is a positive message within the lyrics that is refreshing. Key lyrics:

now that your certainties seem to fall, now that you are really alone,
now that your pride prevents you from asking for help, asking for help
now that the burden is too heavy to carry alone, to carry alone
I say to you…open your door, open your door and let me in

Parasite – the band locks into a groove right from the outset, an industrial / metal feel to this song bringing to mind the great Killing Joke. The song vacillates between a full on assault and having the music fade away so we can focus on Nico’s vocals. Key lyrics:

your spell is finished
the game is over
I have no reason
to stay here
I have no reason
to forgive, forgive you
I only know that
It’s time to go!

Sonata for the Dead - after the nihilistic journey of the earlier 8 songs, this instrumental closer is a welcome change of pace. The music reminds me of the “Theme from Ghost World” track from the film Ghost World. Washes of piano, timely percussion giving it an epic feel. The soundtrack to an imaginary film. As Ian Curtis once said “praise to the glory of loved ones now gone”. A beautiful and perfect concluding track.

This album is available to listen to via the band’s Soundcloud site (linked at the bottom of this review). You can also buy the record via the band’s own bandcamp site. Go ahead and follow the band’s adventures via their Facebook page. I really love this record, and I think if you are inclined towards thoughtful and aggressive music you just may love it too.

Verdict: Amazingly Alternative

For Fans of: Faith No More, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, White Zombie, Marilyn Manson, White Pulp


01. I Want To Leave You Something
02. No Forgiveness
03. Enemy
04. Open Your Door
05. Frozen Words
06. Parasite
07. I Don’t Wanna Be Here
08. Seasons
09. Sonata For The Dead - Jason's Jukebox

"This is The first IsRain's media campaign so here you are a quote from the previous Nico's band: Ensoph."

Led by the good front man, Nicola, a singer with very few rivals in Italy, Ensoph knows how to catch the crowd's attention well. -

"A quote of the prevoius Alberto and Millo's band: Ashcorn"

Visions for your instinct è stato pubblicato nel 2009. " like Revolution Virus and Autumn Leaves also prove that memorable songs aren’t beyond Ashcorn’s abilities...” Olly Thomas - Kerrang


Still working on that hot first release.



The story of IsRain began with the meeting of Alberto and Nico. Both came from a wealth of musical backgrounds and had the will to create a new project and new music together. The core of the first IsRain album "Trees Never Sleep" was written in 2010 by the only hands of the two musicians. Once they found themselves with a handful of complete songs they decided to complete the line up of the band , asking first Alessandro to join the project as drummer and then asking Millo as second guitarist. Both of them accepted and the new line up began to rehearse in the winter of 2010, giving a definite shape to the album which would be ready to be recorded in the Spring of 2011.
The band produced the record themselves and the recording began in May 2011 and took the rest of the year. During this time the band experimented with sounds, arrangements and also mistakes but finally the work was good and in order to get a professional sound Trees Never Sleep was mastered at the Metropolis studios in London by Andy "Hippy" Baldwin.
The last steps of the band has been to complete the line up with a bassist for the "liveshow" and to do this Andrea joined the band in the first months of 2012.


NICOLA FAVARETTO (vocals). A former member of Ensoph, a well known electronic metal band of the European dark, gothic scene with whom he released four official albums and licensed songs for important specialized magazines such as Orkus (Germany), Ritual (Italy) and Sonic Seducer (Germany). The success of Ensoph within the scene allowed the band to collaborate with famous musicians like Steve Sylvester from Death SS or Giuseppe and Carmelo Orlando from Novembre. Nico strengthened his front man attitude playing around Europe and also participating in very important festivals such as the WaveGotik Treffen in Leipzig (Germany) and the Electrowerkz in London. On the road he had the pleasure to share the stage with famous bands such as Katatonia,Wednesday 13, Death Stars, Arcturus, Dopestars Inc and many more…

ALBERTO PASINI (guitar and programming) and MILLO TRAMBAIOLO (guitar and live backing vocals). Both spent almost ten years, since they were teenagers, playing in the modern metaller Ashcorn. With that band they released some demos and an official album, “Visions for your instinct”, in 2009.
Moving within the north of Italy underground scene they played in the most important cities such as Bologna, Ferrara, Padova, Verona and in very important clubs like the “New Age Club” in Treviso and “Alcatraz” in Milan.
They also played gigs in Germany, participating in festivals and sharing the stage with important German underground bands.

ALESSANDRO BONINI (drums). A very eclectic artist. He is involved with music in every aspect, both musical and visual. As graphic designer he has given an image to the records played and also translated the visions of many other bands.
As a musician he is a traveler of the underground scene. With all the bands he has played with, he has experimented with a huge variety of sounds, from death metal to gothic rock passing through the instrumental post rock. He has played in all situations that are possible, big stages, small stages, musical contest, festival but now has found his home in the isRain. This doesn’t means however that he stopped his musical research, actually he is experimenting with dubstep sounds.

ANDREA TOMANIN (bass). Official bassist of the Ocean Drive, a rock-crossover band well known within the Italian independent scene. They published three albums and their videos have been broadcasted in important TV networks such as Rock TV. With them he has played very important gigs in famous club such as Velvet in Rimini supporting bands like Linea 77 and Stone Sour.