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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Holy Crap,that wore me out."

Fast out of the gate,vocals sound like jello,real punk influance here,and im not talking about that blink 182 bullsh#t,im hearing every thing from slayer to black flag this is great,i just hope the others see it my way,I would hate to have to kill them.
Reviewed by: andyoflom from Fort Lauderdale, Florida -

"the demon tatua will speak now"

that's some good guitar work,
this is like jazz of swing metal, your boy could easily sing for the brian setzer orchestra,
what i'm trying to say is this is a brilliant mixture of genres, i might look into more of your stuff if it exists...
i'm going to give this extra points for originality, and a nomination for "best feel good track"
Reviewed by: skwerlalhazred from San Francisco, California -


Four Blood Curdling Tales of the Macabre EP (2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Lo, in the fourth year of the reign of George W. Bush, Istari was conjured by frontman Gabriel Glass, and lead guitarist Adam Gotch as a response to the numetal and post-hardcore miasma sweeping across the land. Glass, acclaimed frontman for the seminal Muncie IN metal outfit The Widow Jenkins, and Gotch, leader of the Canton OH based hardcore band Smitten, joined with bassist Marshall Kreeb, veteran member of the Indianapolis funk group Sonus Ventorium.
After work was finished on a five-song demo, many area musicians cited interest in becoming part of the project. The trio then set out to fill the remaining spots from a large roster of talented and accomplished guitarists and drummers.
Todd Ikes, co-member of Smitten and friend of Gotch, moved from Canton to Indy after an impressive audition where the group determined that he was the preordained drummer for the band. Kreeb then persuaded the others to consider his long time friend, guitarist Toby Russell for the final spot. Russell, a member of the popular Lafayette ska group The Malcontents joined as the members were fleshing out a new skeleton of songs for an upcoming ep entitled: Four Blood Curdling Tales of the Macabre.
With the fellowship set firmly in place, the band continues to make a name for itself through its original and compelling songwriting style, able musicianship, and deep, often times sarcastic subject matter.