Young female Canadian singer/songwriter


Influences: Avril Lavigne, JoJo, Etta James, Pop culture, emotions, Tumblr, etc.


Without You

Written By: Istiana

Boy, you make my heart beat
Come alive, electrify, honestly
Baby, I'm addicted to your lovin'
Yeah it's crazy, so amazing, believe me, yeah
Oh this is how I feel
And I promise this is real
This is real
I need you with me
Oh you make everything better
Would you stay by me forever, forever
Cause without you I am frozen
Without you I am nothing
I am so afraid, if your love ever fades
Then I'll be broken
Without you I am lonely
And the one that I only
Want is you, is you, is you, you
Love, I know it might be stupid
But do you know how it feels
To be head over heels
Dangerously in love
I dont want to lose you
You're my paradise
You're my fire and ice, yeah

Your Friend

Written By: Istiana

Verse 1-
Remember when you used to smile
I haven't really seen that in a while
And remember all those happy days
Oh where did they go
And you, used to be so, so full of life
That's gone now
Cold like the wind blows, gives me a chill, oh
Why can't we go back
Girl you are so beautiful, please don't foget
Now, you've lost yourself
And girl you are incredible, there's no one like you
Find you're colours again, I'll still be your friend
Verse 2-
Remember how you used to laugh
You made everyone else do it too
And remember how you used to say
Life is short we're meant to live life through
And you, you were the last person I'd think, to go down
Verse 3-
Oh, don't be afraid, I'll light the way
You have the strengh to go back
I'll be right here, I'll be waiting
It's alright, you should know


Written By: Istiana

This this this this is euphoria
This (x4) is what I been waiting for
This (x4) is euphoria
This (x4) is everything I ever want

I'm in the sickest state of being
I never felt so alive
Feeling like I'm dreamin
I never knew I could fly

Pre Chorus:
It's like I'm soaked in sunshine
Let the blue sky
Fill me up inside
With this sweet honey feeling

This (x4) is euphoria
This (x4) is what I been waiting for
This (x4) is euphoria
This (x4) is everything I ever want
This this is the highest emotion
This this I dont wanna let it go
This (x4) is euphoria
This (x4) is what I been waiting for

Got the windows down
and the wind in my hair
Got it all figured out
not a worry or care

Pre Chorus


In a zone like a trance
So surreal
So unplanned
In a zone, In a zone




Written By: Istiana

Verse: You got that summer breezy,
Take it easy,
Come hither look about you
That effortless swagger
Sweet smell of danger
You make me want to know you more
I can't stay away
They say you break hearts like it's a game
You already have me wanting to play
Chorus: You got them pushin' and shovin'
For a piece of your lovin'
Boy, you're so fascinating
Just invading my mind like a different kind
Of human, oh
Verse: You create this desire
With your electric fire
A burning weakness
You're my darkest secret, yeah
I can't stay away
Bridge: Oh I never met somebody like you
No human's done, just what you do
And I don't understand
Unreal human

No Lovin'

Written By: Istiana

Verse- I dont hold my heart out
I dont let myself love
Never cried over a guy
Never been hurt
No I, dont let, let myself
Feel anything
For you, for you, for you
Cuz if you're a jerk
Chorus: I can walk away
Not a scratch, no pain
I can walk away
And forget
On to the next one
And some call it cold but I'm not stupid
I wont be in pieces, I wont be broken
I can walk away, walk away
No lovin' for me
Verse: If you make a mistake
There's no need to apologize
And if you forget my name
It's okay, cause I'll be gone the next day
But if you treat me right
Show me you can fight
Maybe you're be lucky
And I'll stay, for a while
Bridge: La la la..oh
And I've been there
And I regret it
Big mistake, I'll never forget it
Why did I fall for, why did I fall for that stupid thing called love...
And now


Without You - Istiana Ft. Erian Asllani
Euphoria - Istiana Ft. Erian Asllani
Meltdown- Istiana Fr. Erian Asllani
Love Song- Istiana
Human- Istiana
Glow- Istiana
No Lovin' - Istiana
Your Friend- Istiana
Haters - Istiana

Set List

Original Songs and Covers (1-7 songs generally)
Stage requirements: weighted key piano, mic, iPod connection