Istiklal Trio

Istiklal Trio

BandWorldNew Age

Specializing in oriental music with a modern touch, Istiklal Trio comes from a unique place within the Israeli music scene. the Trio’s repertoire is based on traditional pieces with up-to-date reproductions, alongside original compositions.


The group combines familiar heritage with modern world music influences, using traditional instruments such as – the Ud, Kanun and oriental percussion.

The three talented musicians have studied traditional music around the world. Their mastery in Turkish music, their "world touch" and close familiarity with Indian, African and Arabic music, have given them the ability to include all these elements in their creation, making it interesting, colorful and complete.

Istiklal Trio is performing all over Israel, and last summer gave several performances in Ethiopia.

Their 2nd alum came out last summer and gained grat critics and publicity.


2007 (EP)
Istiklal trio (LP) 2011

Set List

12 - 15 songs. between 1 hour to 1.5.