I, Synthesist

I, Synthesist


"electro stomp-ass ". The electronic soundscape as well as the images displayed during the show transformed a dancefloor into a fantasy world. I highly recommend listening to and seeing this instead of blowing your money on either therapy or narcotics!! [a fan]


I, Synthesist is the fulfillment of Chris Ianuzzi’s desire to create a music and performing project with integrated visuals.
The LP/CD Avalanche was released independently through international distributors in 2004. Songs reached The top 10 of the FAC (French Alternative charts) for 5 weeks and The Top 5 of The DAC (German Alternative charts). All songs are availble digitally through iTunes and a wide variety of other digital services. I ,Synthesist performed at The Wave Gotik Treffen Festival in Leipzig Germany and toured Europe.

A new release is presently in production and releases are being planned for Late Winterl/Spring 2007.

Ianuzzi’s interest in electronic music never waned after the sound of a Moog synthesizer at a music store triggered an earlier childhood hallucinogenic memory first experienced during a dental procedure. Highlights from his formal music training include a performance for the American Society for University Composers (in which he played a piano using a chisel, rubber wedge and an ARP 2600). For a number of years Ianuzzi served as an Electronic Creative associate with the legendary Suzanne Ciani and her Electronic Music Factory for Sound Design and Scoring. His early years also included work with Vangelis and ex-Tangerine Dream member Peter Baumann as well as work on Billboard chart-topping projects such as “AEIOU” by Freeze and “Way of Life” by The Puppets. During this time, Ianuzzi developed his song writing skills. Ianuzzi also recorded two albums with the band Sluka (Meldac Records) while touring Japan and Europe. He then returned to New York and scored for visual works in all media. This work included composing orchestral music for the HBO “Earth to Moon” series and creating sound design and musical composition for large interactive environments. Though he has become a bit more grounded since his childhood psychedelic musical awakening, Ianuzzi’s creativity remains a driving force. Using classic analog synthesizers in conjunction with the most current digital technologies, his goal for I, Synthesist is to create modern pop-songs, beat and electronic-digital instrumental orchestrations.


LP/CD "Avalanche"
All tracks have had either streaming and or Radio Play.

Set List

Sets are designed to the venue and audience.
I have done sets ranging from 15 minutes to 90 minutes. I have also done styles ranging from hard hitting dance oriented to a more orchestral and soft.