Italian Edition

Italian Edition


Italian Edition is an indie rock band with roots in the all ages hardcore scene. They combine the best of both worlds to write music which is pleasant and/or intense.


Stranded on an island paradise, facing off against mediocrity, Italian Edition has struck a different note in the world of Canadian music. By infusing their catchy brand of indie rock with jazz sensibilities and the enthusiasm of traditional hardcore, the Victoria-based quintet has been attracting attention from both critics and fans throughout their home province. After touring BC and playing locally alongside bands such as Tokyo Police Club, this young group further proved its chops by earning national exposure on MuchMusic's program Going Coastal and CBC Radio 3's top-rated music podcast. Italian Edition's debut full length recording, "The Fable of the Mouse and the Frog," was recorded at Infinity Studios and has been ripping up radio stations across the province since its release. This isn't surprising; whether you're listening to them at home on your stereo or seeing their staged explosions of sound live, Italian Edition consistently manages to captivate and enthrall its audience.


The Fable of the Mouse and The Frog - Full Length LP released locally September 2006