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This band has not uploaded any videos



"DOWNLOAD: Italian Japanese - Two Islands"

Southern California rockers Italian Japanese have decided to go the relationship song route on their new single. The track, “Two Islands,” which reflects on an impossible pairing imagined as, well, two islands, is a hazy indie ballad with a garage-like glitz. It makes a logical follow-up to songs by bands like stellastarr* and The Stills. - RCRDLBL

"Ears Wide Open: Italian Japanese"

Italian Japanese isn’t some new fusion of cuisine. It’s the name of a San Diego indie rock quintet who recently released their follow-up track to 2009's “The Lush Romantic Weirdness,” and the alternative rock that touches on nostalgic dream-pop in “Two Islands” has perked our ears up. Allen Nicolas (the only band member who is actually both Italian and Japanese), Chris McLaughlin, Sean Rodriguez, Justin Greene and Joaquin Develasco are working on a second full-length, and if it sounds anything like this new single, fans can look forward to more swelling choruses about both romance and ruptured dreams weaving in and out of clenching guitar rhythms. For now, the Candace Jade Lewis-directed video inspired by Michel Gondry’s “The Science of Sleep” will have to do.

||| Download: “Two Islands”

||| Also: Grab “Le Pony” from 2009's “The Lush Romantic Weirdness.” - Buzz Bands LA

"MP3: Italian Japanese Love “NYC” (FILTER Premiere)"

After a very warm reception to their latest new single, "Two Islands," San Diego indie-rockers Italian Japanese have given us their new single, "NYC," to premiere for you.

After a very warm reception to their latest new single, "Two Islands," San Diego indie-rockers Italian Japanese have given us their new single, "NYC," to premiere for you.

"NYC" mixes echoing stadium-ready and fuzz-heavy guitars, big crashing drums and infectious vocal melodies to create a track of pure rockness, complete with tons of fist-pumping opportunities.

"I think it was in 2008... Chris, our guitarist, and I were recording demos in Boston," says guitarist/vocalist, Allen Nichols, "on our days off we would drive down to New York and visit friends. It was during that time we developed a fondness for the city, especially the lower east side. At the same time we were hearing in the news about a young, female bank robber that the cops could not seem to nab. I'd imagine what it would be like as her partner in crime.. Running around NYC robbing banks like Bonnie and Clyde. And that's where the song came from."

Stream and download "NYC" below. - FILTER Magazine


"NYC" Single Released March 31, 2012

1. NYC

"Two Islands" Single Released November 22, 2011

1. Two Islands

"The Lush, Romantic Weirdness" Released August 4th, 2009

1. Jeremiah
2. Minus
3. Le Pony
4. Polaroid You
5. Paper Tigers
6. Naming Plants
7. The Lush, Romantic Weirdness
8. Jaguar Paw
9. The Knife
10. Downtown
11. Ladybird

Streaming and Radio Airplay on:

*CMJ TOP 100 RADIO (2012)
KROQ Los Angeles
Filter Magazine
Buzz Bands LA
91X San Diego
FM94.9 San Diego
DMX Radio



Fans of soaring guitars and mesmerizing shoegaze anthems should be thankful. Looking back just a few years, it’s possible Nicholas might never have returned to music. Much like his bandmates in the San Diego indie-rock quintet Italian Japanese, music had fallen from Nicholas’ good graces back then and he found himself lingering on a hiatus that was looking increasingly permanent. All that touring, pouring his every effort into his pervious bands, he was just kind of done with it all and ready to move on. But, as it often does, inspiration stepped in to guide Nicolas back again, first to recording a few songs on his own as sort of a creative cleanse and then to assembling a band based off his friends’ outstanding responses. Soon, Italian Japanese was formed with the vigor of an artistic resurrection.

Along with his bandmates — guitarists Chris McLaughlin and Sean Rodriguez, drummer Justin Greene and bassist Joaquin Develasco — Nicholas defined the new project as an all-American band built on pounding rhythms, dynamic guitar work and fully charged vocals reminiscent of the ’80s and ’90s most solid rock and roll. Through the songs, tales of the road and romance erupt with the challenge that comes in facing new conflicts and the comfort of finding your way through them. “I just hope down the line our songs can be something that people relate with a certain time or place with nostalgia,” says Nicholas. “Whether it’s happy or sad, to have that kind of effect on somebody is amazing."