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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Latest Nomination Statistics for the 2005 International Online Music Awards as of the 9th of December 2004"

Latest Nomination Statistics for the 2005 International Online Music Awards as of the 9th of December 2004

The nominations shown below represent those artists who currently hold the highest number of votes to date. THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE as the final nominees will not be known until midnight December 21st when voting closes.

The final nominees will be listed at the Awards Event on January 1st 2005.

Please note that artists are not listed in order of votes.


Best Artist

Sammi Morelli
Lisa T
Lynne Carey Saylor
Taylor Jordan

(Artists who came very close: Cuerock, KMP, John Doe's Dreamland, Mike Burn, Mike Milillo)

Best Male Solo Artist

Daniel Iorio
Paul Nery
Josiah Barlow
Mike Milillo
Colin Lynch

(Artists who came very close: Evan Paul, David Elias, Kiwi, Chipson, Carlos Wilde)

Best Female Solo Artist

Sammi Morelli
Taylor Jordan
Lisa T
Lynn Carey Saylor
Amber Jackson

(Artists who came very close: Heather Leona, Priscila Hernandez, Rachel Gaudry, Andrea Perry, Rose Robbins, )

Best Songwriter

Lynne Carey Saylor
Daniel Iorio
David Elias
Itche Cat
Lisa T

(Artists who came very close: Serge N, Away with the fairies, Paul Nery, Sammi Morelli, Natalia)

Best Composer

Mike Milillo
Josiah Barlow
Ed Drury
Evan Paul

(Artists who came very close: Mick Clack, Andrea Perry, Tetsuroh, Pull, Syngularity)

Best Instrumental Artist

Mike Mililo
Barry Durdant Hollamby
Stuart Elliot

(Artists who came very close: Scott Landers, DJ Zappa, Loadpuller, Soundfreak, Ed Drury)

Best Electronic Artist

Guido Negraszus
Stuart Elliot

(Artists who came very close: Viennese Cinnamon, WallyWally, Scientek Basement, Pull, C.J. Hurricane)


Best Song

Lynn Carey Saylor
Lisa T/KMP
Sammi Morelli
Syngularity & Jehum

(Artists who came very close: Tetsuroh, Elley Wilson, Claire Moss, Daniel Iorio, Mike Burn & Mark Hewer, Queeniemusic)

Best Album

Mike Milillo
Philip E. Hardy
Symphony in DeMeanor
Daniel Iorio
Rachel Gaudry

(Artists who came very close: Andrea Perry, Guido Negraszus, Hidden Symmetry, Syngularity, Lisa T)

Best Instrumental

Evan Paul
Josiah Barlow
Mike Millilo
Mike Burn
Metricks & Stuart Elliot

(Artists who came very close: Pull, WallyWally, Mooncar, Tetsuroh, Jones Danby)

Best Soundtrack

Jones Danby
Josiah Barlow

(Artists who came very close: Mário Raposo, Sibelian, Pull, Colin Lynch, Metricks)

Best Collaboration

Barry Durant Hollamby & Mike Milillo
J.O Simon, ItchieCat, & Ginger Sparkles
Lynn Carey Saylor & Brian May
Scotlanders & Lana J. Albert
Mike Burn, Daniel Iorio, & Mark Hewer

(Artists who came very close: Stuart Elliot & Soundfreak, Lana J. Albert & Evan Paul, Diego B & Wally Wally, Colin Lynch & Elley Wilson, J.O. Simon & DJ Zappa)

Best Producer

Mike Burn
Lynn Carey Saylor

(Artists who came very close: Colin Lynch, Andrea Perry, Cuerock, Karmic Brick, Guido Negraszus

Best Cover Art

Zion Entity
Lisa T
Mike Milillo
Karmic Brick

(Artists who came very close: Colin Lynch, Mimi Ferocious, Tetsuroh, Phillip E Hardy, Hidden Symmetry)

Best Male Vocal

Daniel Iorio
Phillip E Hardy
David Elias
Serge N

(Artists who came very close: Carlos Wilde, Diego B, J.O Simon, Michael Holland, Steve Ison)

Best Female Vocal

Lynne Carey-Saylor
Taylor Jordan
Amber Jackson
Natalie Brown
Sammi Morelli

(Artists who came very close: Elley Wilson, Stephanie St John, Lisa T, Natalia, Gill Whitehurst)

Best Guitar Player

Scott Landers
J.O Simon
Mike Burn
Jack Wright
Axl U

(Artists who came very close: Paul Nery, Mick Clack, Bode, Jehum, Evan Paul)

Best Bass Player

Frank Bittermann (Hagar Band)
Colin Lynch
Stefan (No World)
Andrea Perry
Werner Wenzlitschke (Mike Burn and Friends)

(Artists who came very close: Mick Clack, Rob Valentine, Kenichi Yamada, Dave Rubin, Frank Diedrich)

Best Keyboard Player

Guido Negraszus
Josiah Barlow
Alien VS

(Artists who came very close: Tetsuroh, Metricks, Chipson, Tom Byrne, Philos60)

Best Drummer

Terry Silverlight
Guy (Auralast)
Mark Hewer
Phillip E Hardy
Jim LaPrad

(Artists who came very close: Dicarlo, Women on Drums, Matthias Börste, Nina Hudson, Peter Dahl Collins)

Best Artist Website

Mike Burn
Lisa T
J.O Simon

(Artists who came very close: Zion Entity, Taylor Jordan, Scott Landers, Heather Leona, Josiah Barlow)


Best Audio Software

Native Instruments

Best Audio Hardware

M Audio

Best Media Player

I Tunes
Windows Me - International Online Music Magazine


We have about seventy tracks uploaded at various music sites throughout the internet.
Down On Me,
Angel With A Mandolin,
Hold Me To Your Heart,
Come To Me,
Train Of Thoughts,
Into The Rainbow,
Whiskey Harem,
Scruffy and Me,
I'll Always Be Memphis,
Love Sonnet (Dawn's Song),
In Texas (Country Music Is Always Good),
Acid Rain,
City Slicker-Country Kicker,
Country Singles,
Diamond Doll (Latin Mix),
Do Be Do,
Fancy Prance,
Frankie Leroy (I Remember You),
Glory Hounds,
Hobo's Christmas,
Hot Air Love Affair,
HumpBack Liberation,
Impetuous Fire,
Justice Cries,
La Muneca Del Diemonte,
Listen (Acoustic),
Midnight Blues,
Nu Har Jag Struntat i Nashville,
Midnight Blues (Dance Mix),
Remember My Love,
Secrets In The Water,
Sky Sailor,
Soda Pop Bop,
The Dope Fiend Moans,
The Dope Fiend Roams,
The Holy City,
Time Bombs,
Twister Sister,
Whiskey Harem
Viral Overload


Feeling a bit camera shy


Colin Lynch about ITCHIECAT:

ItchieCat - Internet idol for the digital revival
Achie Floyd Bowen aka Itchiecat has some very special qualities that need to be mentioned.. as an artist, he has inspired and supported an entire online artist community with his thinking, with his masterful and orginal songwriting and production techniques, with his humour and wisdom, and in his efforts to remind us all that we share one world that desperately needs to fly the flag of peace much more often, instead of one that represents greed, hate, and misunderstanding.

So what is it about ItchieCat that stimulates so much interest and world wide respect? Well.. I could go track by track and tell you all how innovative and superb and wonderful itchie's music can be... but then you can play and download whatever you like of his and his collaborations with other outstanding artists to make that discovery for yourself.

It's enough really to know that many truly superb artists have provided their own interpretations in covers of his work, most notably 'Down on me' .. one of the most beautiful songs ever presented to the online music community.

In March 2004, both ItchieCat and Mike Weldon were awarded an IOMA for best songwriter along with other prestigious nominations, but besides the certificates and the accolades that go with that, what we really have here is a plain and simle truth... that ItchieCat's work has attracted the admiration, respect, and appreciation from artists all over. That's why he has a presentation disc and certificate hanging on his wall!

As one of the most compassionate human beings I have met in recent years, ItchieCat's efforts for his self-initiated 'Artists For Peace' project, have been entirely borderless, and limitless. This is a man brought up and bungled into a US Military community and that in itself, takes some courage to endure. His solace and comfort however, are in his knowing that he can make his thoughts and voicings count.. if only there were many many more guys like him!

I have spoken to Archie on the phone, enjoyed his music, listened to his radio show, and split my sides with laughter at his BeSonic forum antics and presence for quite some time now... but of all the artist entrances (and departures) I have witnessed over the past year at BeSonic in particular, none have been so positively thought and emotion provoking as that image of the virtual super trouper light beam that shines on Archie Floyd Bowen aka ItchieCat.

Phillip E. Hardy about ITCHIECAT:

I know the truth when I hear it; and we all know the truth will set you free.
Tonight I sit here in the serenity of my den, just over a mile from the somewhat blue waters of surf town USA, otherwise known as Huntington Beach. I am blessed to be surrounded by trophies of my recent accomplishments and to know that I am fortunate in my opportunity to play music, as well as write about it. In the window sits one of my favorite critters in the world, a happily bloated, orange cat by the name of Darcy. However, tonight, it is my chief purpose to write about another one of my preferred kitties. ItchieCat is an able trio of musicians that includes Candice Chafton Childress, Mike Weldon and Archie Floyd Bowen (AFB). These cool feline beings are responsible for making some of the finest music that is currently available at Besonic. Though I have not had the pleasure of meeting Mike or Candice, I have frequently corresponded with Mr. Bowen and have found him to be a wonderful musical friend who had been supportive, humorous and generous with his time. This past Saturday, he hosted a radio show on LRS and did a brilliant job putting together a set of music mostly from the seventies and perhaps tipping his hat to some of his musical influences. According to a recent interview in Scout’s Digest, AFB also draws heavy inspiration from celebrated 60’s artists like the Beatles and Buffalo Springsteen, as well “country music in general” (Scouts, Digest). If you are new to this site and would like to savor the delights of this interesting group, I would like to offer some listening suggestions that will probably make you purr. First, I would like to suggest that you check out “Down on Me”, a musical prayer for peace that is not only melodic but beautiful in its simplicity. Next is a song I love called “I Can’t Try When I’m Dead”, a cover version of a tune by another great Besonic artist calling himself Away With The Fairys”. This song truly reminds me of the Statler Brothers and the aforementioned Buffalo Springfield. Sounding a great deal like the instrumental bit on Del Shannon’s “Runaway”, the authentic 60’s flavor is nicely augmented by the keyboard solo midway through the track. Of course, no musical sojourn into the IC catalogue would be complete without sampling the rags to riches tale of “Scruffy and Me”. This is a delightfully amusing collaboration between the kitties and Besonic blu