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Trouble Is

Written By: Sabin Brabb

Trouble Is
-Sabin Brabb

I can’t make you happy
No one can make you whole
You feel there’s something wrong inside
That no one can control

We’ve walked a million miles together
My feet are tired and worn
You’ve carried me I’ve carried you
My soul is cracked and torn

The trouble is
I deserve every part of you
The trouble is
That’s not something you can do
The trouble is
You love me too little too late
The trouble is
There’s no way I can ever escape

Do you mind that I’m so damn tired?
Is it all right if I cry?
Can I crawl down into the deepest hole?
And just lie down and die

Okay someday my heart will heal
If I keep it out of your hands
I’m sure you think it’s melodramatic
Drowning on dry land

I hate that you get better every year
Wiser, kinder beauties blinders I disappear
I hate that love runs deeper than my fear
Love and suffer all these blunders shed a tear