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Long Anticipated, LP 2006
Passion and Pain, LP 2008
"Can't Fight The Music", single 2009



All the way from the nature island of Dominica, in the village of Grand Bay, birth was given to a rising sun, Tell-Yah. His background as an entertainer began with Reggae, performing with his brother Mayyah at the ages of 10 and 12 years old. Even in childhood he has shared the stage with international Reggae superstars. Tell-Yah is a self taught musician and producer, spending endless hours perfecting his talents on the guitar, keyboards, the bass and drums. Since moving to Hartford, Connecticut, he has co- produced two Reggae albums, Long Anticipated, 2006 and Passion and Pain, 2008, with instant hits such as, "Never Cheat On You" and "Black As I Am" in the Caribbean. Despite his success with Reggae music, Tell-Yah has always had a passion for the Hip-Hop culture. In 2008, Tell-Yah took a distinct interest in Hip Hop music production after realizing that his background in Reggae would create an unrivaled, instrumental fusion of the two, spanning on a new dimension of the Hip Hop sound.

Tell-Yah is influenced by Hip Hop greats such as, Jay-Z , for his ability to take chances with live instruments and collaborate with Pop and Rock artist. He also appreciates Nas for his lyrical content and interest in self awareness.

Tell-Yah has been persistent in his discipline to push his instrumental experimentations to new heights of intricate sound and originality. His latest release "Go Getter" describes how he can't sit around wishing for his dreams to come true, he has to go out and make them manifest. Another head mover "Can't Fight the Music" explains how there isn't any denying it when you hear good music, it break barriers of race, creed and class. Other songs include "Back It Up" illuminating a sensual club seduction and "She Got Skillz" describes the indiscretions of girl pretending to be innocent. These are just a few to mention as he is just getting started.

Tell-Yah's mission is to captivate listeners from all walks of life and to provide the unique ingredients to Hip Hop music that feeds the entire soul. He is definitely worth paying attention too, because his lyrical content and musical talents are irrefutable.

"He has a voice that is so unique that it leaves an imprint on the brain" Sharon Y., Connecticut

"Tell-Yah has a gift that transcends through music, he is highly talented and has come to leave a mark on the world" Chananyah S., Georgia

"He is far more than a musician, his character embodies the art of sound, image and feeling" Artical Sound, Missouri