Item 9

Item 9

 Greenville, North Carolina, USA

Combining progressive rock, reggae, funk, bluegrass/country, classical, blues, and Art into a phurious stew of eclectic jam, Item 9 delivers a delectible southern delicacy that has to be seen to be believed. All this and more, packaged with a light show that may cause an accident in your britches...


Delighting bar patrons for 10+ years, Gene and Gina acquire the services of grade A noisemaker Tom "The Sniper" Barrington in 2006, creating a monster, two-drummer powerhouse of a band---dubbed "Bones McCoy". After the departure of drummer, Brandon Davis, and bassist, Antonio Oden in 2009, fate would connect them with The enigmatic Brothers' Smith, playing with The Household Objects. Following a string of smoking shows that summer, The Objects would disband, their lead singer and guitarist, Will Bridges, having been abducted (rumored alien abduction) and deposited in western NC, left with no return resources but with, "a hell of a buzz!" John Smith was quick to offer the services of his genious younger brother, Rick, as well as his own talents to the now defunct Item 9. Sharing a common love for Pink Floyd, Rush, Umphreys McGee Peter Gabriel and The Grateful Dead, this seemed a no-brainer. Embarking on a psychedelic pilgrimage to aquire the neccessary mojo for World Domination, the band returned to the scene with a bucketfull of original songs, a mysterious green goo, Lazers, reverse manufactured alien technology, and the blessings of Artimus Pyle...THE Artimus Pyle. The band is presently holed up in it's state-of-the-art home studio, Skillit Studios in Greenville, NC, recording it's debut album, Voodooism, due out in the fall on CD and Vinyl LP and playing select shows through the summer of 2011 (ie: the now legendary well kept secret Farmstock Festival in Ayden, NC where there may or may not have been variable Loch Ness and Sasquatch sightings). Check out their new single, "Dang Ol' Zombies" spinning on:


Item 9 - Vance Is A Vampire

Written By: Possible World

Vance is a Vampire...
Watch him sleep all day inside his chair...

Set List


Life's A Beach
Set It Free
Missionary Joe
Pluck It From The Plant
Get On The Bus
Never Understand
Where Its At
Vance Is A Vampire
21st Century Man


Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon:
On The Run
The Great Gig In The Sky
Any Colour You Like
Brain Damage

Chainsaw City
Tall Boy
Can't You See
Send Me On My Way
American Girl
Last Dance With Mary Jane
Another Brick In The Wall
Run Like Hell
Wish You Were Here
For The Funk Of Money
All Along The Watchtower
Roadhouse Blues
In Your Eyes
Swedish Girls
Fire On The Mountain
Step To The Street
Good To Be A Gangsta
Let's Get It On
Purple Rain
Jungle Love
The Weight
Stir It Up
Your Time Is Gonna Come
The Harder They Come
Gold In The Sunset
Young Lust
Little Wing