We are a non-profit that conducts a Human Trafficking 101 lecture in order to raise funds for our victim rehabilitation programs in Guatemala, El Salvador, Malawi, and India. The lecture has been conduct from Nyrobi to Okinawa, from Los Angeles to North Dakota. We done it for groups of 1000 or 15.


Patrick Atkinson has been running centers for orphaned and abandoned children in Central America for the past 25 years. He helped thousands of children survive the wars, and has helped thousands more survive the aftermath. He has overseen the development of poverty relief programs in 15 countries, and on 4 continents. He has survived bombings, shooting, stabbings, car accidents and disease in the course of his work. He created the Institute for Trafficked, Exploited & Missing Persons (ITEMP) in 2001, after watching women and children literally snatched off the streets of Malawi and sold into slavery.

Charles Moore has spent the last year on the frontlines of the fight against human trafficking. Stationed in Guatemala, he has pulled women and children out of burning piles of garbage, interceded on behalf of 5 year olds forced to break rock in quarries, negotiated with pimps for the release of boys and girls, and gathered evidence against major industries for their use of forced labor. He has also coordinated efforts with the United Nations, Department of State, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, as well as numerous other governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations.


This is an ever evolving lecture. As the world's understanding of the problem evolves, so does our presentation.

Set List

The lecture covers four main areas:
- What is and is not human trafficking?
- The History of Slavery from the pre-Roman era to the modern day.
- The current incarnation of slavery, both internationally and domestically.
- Practical steps everyone can take to stop human trafficking.