It Ends Here

It Ends Here


We are the kult jams. We are sonic messages of hope versus pain.We are about proaction. We will revive the art of an album yet contain the marketablity of singles. And we'll rock your bawls off. We are an event. See us live once and you'll remember our name. It Ends Here.


It Ends Here was formed in late 1998 in Tiffin,Ohio as a means for a means in a samll town with nothing to do. After seven years, I.E.H. has single-hnadidly created a local music scene in tiffin and the surrounding areas (as evident in, as well as branching out into larger cities in Ohio such as Cleveland (Peabody's opening for The Shocker, the Agora), Columbus (Newport) Cincinnati (Sudsy's), and soon Dayton (Elbows). In addition to shows at larger venues, I.E.H. has played over a hundred shows in various smaller towns, making an impact still felt by the fans.


It Ends Here has recorded several live and studio albums since 1999. In order they are: The Nixon E.P., No. 2, Next time We'll try Harder, Live @the Union Hall (7-5-03), Live @ Peabodys (1-10-04), a high quality yet low energy professional Demo in 2004, and finally Live @ the Universal (8-13-04), Live (Leavin Tiffin) (3-13-05), plus numerous recordings for personal use.

Set List

We like to start with songs that impect immediatly. Songs such as It Changed Us, Evil Men, Devil, Skin of Your Teeth, and Inheritence show technical prowess and have a driving rhythm that hooks an audience right away. Starting out strong and ending strong is our motto. A good song to pick up the pace is our classic rock tribute Dick Rock, which starts out funky and ends with a burning solo. We end with one of our epic songs like Ambrosia, which has mutilple parts and tempos. Overall we have around forty songs we may use in a set at anytime. Most of our covers are either punk (Last Caress by the misfits) or classic rock (TNT by AC/DC, Fourtunate Son by CCR, Keep on Rocking by Neil Young)