The I*Ternals

The I*Ternals


"A keyboard...bass, guitar and a drummer with a voice that captured the audiences attention...[t]his band, known as The I-Ternals, defined the meaning of reggae rhythm through their instruments and lyrics. The audience gathered in front of the stage and jammed with the band."


This original reggae band, coming from the heart of Babylon, is here to spread the message of love, peace, and consciousness to everyone. The I*Ternals embrace the classic sound of reggae while combining dub, roots, lover's rock, and jazz to create their eclectic vision of reggae. In addition, The I*Ternals incorporate Jamaican born artist Akshan to spice up the mix, delivering melodic dancehall chants to create a contemporary rhythm-driven sound that will appeal to anyone with an ear for music. The unique sounds created by the I*Ternals is a true indication of what an impact variety and openness has on artistic growth. The I*Ternals produce a unique sound with meaningful lyrics, hard hitting drums, heavy bass lines, and an unwavering melodic structure. Join the movement that is REGGAE music, Embrace the revolution delivering the ONE true message- “Equal rights and justice for all.” Our sound can be described as a melding of the past, present, and the future, hence the name...The I*TERNALS.

The I*Ternals with Akshan have performed at the following revered venues: The State Theater (Falls Church, VA),The 9:30 Club (DC), Sonar (Baltimore, MD), Jammin Java (Fairfax, VA), Live Arts Theater (Charlottesville, VA), Virginia Tech University, University of Virginia, George Washington University, and many other smaller venues throughout the DC Metropolitan area.


Ode to you

Written By: Akshan, I-Ternals

you'll always deserve my love, so i sing a ode to you
you always deserve my love, life long to you am true
You Always preserve my love, Day and night each and everyday
You'll always preserve my love, in each and everyway (chorus)

angelic is your beauty/ sentuous are your eyes
Alluring are your hips / stimulating my smile
time and again they fall short/ they can't be your equal
I tell you minute after hour, how the I really needs ya
I going to tell you this daily/ how am admiring my lady
I have feelings inna mi heart/ you have me so captivated
thats why


In the Wee hours of the night
I confess my love to you and tell you how I
Love you my empress, your my queen, yes you are my soulmate
together we are one
together we gone be great
mi can't get enought of your attention
when you away a you mi mind a set pon
you and i are the ultimate combination
a man and woman loving in a godly union
Thats why


Your lips am gonna always want to kiss them
the vibes you pull when you away am gonna miss them
pon my return bring you roses bring you gifts then
golden bangles and bracelets fi yo wrist them
woman i'll always be true you will never be the victum
caa mi love you my sistren
you have mi hear just a fire like a piston yea yea



“Always Deserve My Love,” performed by Akshan and members of The I*Ternals, has been featured in the new movie, BLACKOUT. This full length film about the New York City Blackout of 2003, whose cast members include Mario Van Peebles and Jeffrey Wright, will debut at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Akshan’s debut album “Time fi Akshan” was released in March 2005, and received much acclaim from fans and casual listeners alike.

Set List

Original songs set can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 120 minutes.

Covers, in no particular order:
Thats Why - Sizzla
Stir It Up- Bob Marley
Night Nurse- Gregory Issacs
Jammin- Bob Marley
Jah Is My Shepherd- Daweh Congo
Exodus- Bob Marley
Bodyguard- Steel Pulse
Buffalo Soldier- Bob Marley
Babylon Create It- Al Pancho
Deport Dem- Sean Paul
Bookshelf- Bennie Man
Crazy Baldheads- Bob Marley
Shine Eye Gal- Black Uhuru
Welcome To Jamrock- Damian Marley
Me Name Jr Gong- Damian Marley
Murderer- Barrington Levy
Late Night Blues- Don Carlos
Living In Love- I Wayne
Get Up Stand Up- Bob Marley
Pumpkin Belly- Tenor Saw
Clarendon-Charlie Chaplin
I'm Getting Married- Yellowman