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Somewhere between At The Drive-In and Rage Against The Machine, there is a band called Ithaca coming from Minneapolis, Minnesota with a unique style of hip-hop influenced vocals, driving guitar and bass, and snappy beats..


With one self-released E.P. under their belt, a new band called Ithaca is breaking onto the Minneapolis, Minnesota music scene with a style all their own.

The mixture of hip-hop inspired lyrics (e.i. Doomtree, Rage Against The Machine) and the driving, heavy indie-rock guitars will blow back the hair of anyone to witness them.

Their energetic stage show and musical abilities are just some of the things they possess.

If given the opportunity to shine, it is inevitable that this band will do just that.


Various demos.

Self-Released 4-song EP.

The whole EP is streaming on Myspace, Purevolume, and Ourstage.

Set List

1. Dance Song
2. Beartraps
3. Broadcast Me!
4. Summer Sun
5. New Nowhere
6. Jam/ Freestyle session
7. Parachute Parade

Our set is right around 30 minutes.

We've never played a cover live.