Snoqualmie, Washington, USA

Ithaca is an experimental hard rock band from the Seattle area. Ithaca is, quite simply put, experimental-alternative rock, attempting to branch out stylistically but still have a recognizable, core sound. The band has been together for a year and a half and has self-released two short CD's.


Ithaca Draws influence all across the board. Some of the main influences consist of Pink Floyd, A Day to Remember, Nirvana, Radiohead, and Alexisonfire. Our style of experimenting with sound, branching from dark ambience to an almost Indie-rock vibe, has defined our music positively. With aggressive and Clean vocals counter-reacting, in-your-face ground shaking drums, and piercing yet inviting guitar parts, the blend creates something innovative and new.

We began playing music together over a year ago, as all four musicians went through many bands, unable to find the right vibe, resulting in "Ithaca".


Recorded locally in a home studio, produced by Jay Pinto.
The album is a 5 song EP, with song styles ranging from heavy rock to psychedelic rock, yet keeping a common foundation, representing Ithaca's individuality.

Two songs from the EP are currently streaming on facebook, and a separate song of ours is streaming on Myspace.

Local radio stations (KEXP and KPLU) have contacted us with interest in airplay, but we have waited until "The Sandbox - EP" was completed. Now, with a finished product, we plan to follow through with these offers and put our foot in the door of the music industry.