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Stress Relief LP Aug 2013
Thoughts of Transition LP June 2013



Gregory N. Fitzpatrick, better known as BB, was born November 23, 1993, in St. Louis, MO, to Gregory Fitzpatrick and Jeanine Crookshank. BB spent his early years in St. Louis where he lived, with his Grandmother, Jeanette Crookshank, mother and sister, Je’Taun Fitzpatrick, in St. Louis. It was there that BB was first exposed to music. He was exposed to all types of music: Gospel, Neo-Soul, the Motown greats, Golden Oldies, like Johnny Mathis & Nat King Cole (his grandfather’s favs); and, of course, Hip Hop and R&B. BB comes from an extremely talented and gifted family. On both sides of his family, there are musicians and artists. His dad and uncle are gospel recording artists. His grandfather managed a local gospel and R&B artist. His sister is an accomplished artist whose work has been featured in art shows in Chicago and St. Louis. His mother attended the Kansas City Art Institute for a short time. Artistry is truly in BB’s blood.
BB is the name he was given by his sister in the womb. She called him Baby Brother. That was later shortened to BB. This is the tag he uses to this day. His production company is called BBP, Baby Brother Productions. His running hook is: “IthinkitsBBP”.
When BB was about 3, he discovered a small, toy, one-octave electric piano in the bottom of his sister’s closet. The piano was a Christmas gift for his sister before he was born. She showed no interest, so, it sat in the bottom of her closet for years. Until one day, something fell on it while he was in the room. He dug it out of the closet and began to plunk on it. He dragged that piano from room to room until it was noticed that he was actually putting together rhythms. It was also noted that he was sitting in front of the television with it, listening to jingles and sitcom intros and reproducing them on that little piano. When his grandfather heard what he was up to, he promptly invested in his first ‘real’ electric piano. Still very small, BB was unable to drag his new Casio around, so, it sat in front of the television in his grandmother’s room. BB taught himself how to play just about anything he could hear.
When BB was in the 3rd grade, he joined his grade school orchestra. It was there, he was first introduced to sheet music. He played the cello and was so use to playing by ear, he amazed his orchestra teacher when it was discovered that he was not reading the music. He would sit in class, listen to the other cellos play a couple of times and, then, join in. When the teacher complained to his mother, she was convinced that music was the Gift that God had given her son and began to encourage him even more. He eventually learned to read music for stringed instruments which just added to the skill set. To date, BB plays the following instruments with mastery: piano, keyboard, organ, cello, violin, upright bass, bass guitar, drums and viola. He is also an accomplished producer, singer and rapper.
In 2008, Gregory moved to Kansas City with his mother and sister. He attended Lincoln College Prep for one year. BB joined the orchestra there; but, his creative side was not being nurtured. He transferred to Paseo Academy of Visual and Performing Arts where he was at home. BB and his grandmother were extremely close. When she had a stroke in 2001, she moved back to Kansas City. They had been separated until he moved to Kansas City in 2008. They began to reconnect and his granny was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of 2009. When she passed in 2010, BB’s musical focus was intensified as it became his therapy. Upon graduation in 2012, BB decided to take a year and completely dedicate himself to his musical career. He produced several local artists and turned his bedroom into a very competent recording studio. His studio has produced many soundtracks with precision. After his year of self-exploration, and weighing two scholarship offers for his talents in video production, graphics and music, he enrolled in school. Greg was offered scholarships to, both, the Kansas City Art Institute and the Art Institute International of Kansas City. He chose to take a practical approach to his artistry and enrolled in the Art Institute International. He will graduate with his Bachelor Degree in the fall of 2016.
BB’s latest endeavors include music production, lyric writing, rapping and singing. To his credit, he has produced several local rap artists in the Kansas City and St. Louis areas. BB has produced a couple of EPs for himself: MOP: Mind of a Producer and Lost in the Making. His lyrics provide rare snapshots of his life’s journey. His lyrical styling is reminiscent of the many genres of music that he has been exposed to and his life experiences. He is truly a master student of music. We expect great, wonderful and powerful things from this young man. Check for that name . . . BB.
I think it’s BBP!!!