Based out of Colorado Springs, CO, ITIS is an alt. rock/powerpop national act that has been together for 14 years, play about 200+ shows a year in the US and Europe, have released 10 CDs on their own label Hat Light Records and in 2007 released a live DVD with 4 hours of footage.


Formed in 1994, the band toured for most of '95 and recorded a 21-song CD entitled "Tastes Like Chicken!" They released the CD in December of '95 and followed with a nine-week tour of Europe. After returning to the U.S. in March '96, the band continued to tour in support of "Tastes Like Chicken" throughout the western U.S. in such states as California, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona.

The band continued without a break and went back into the studio in January of 1997 to record a 17-song masterpiece titled, “It IS…isn’t it?” Three of the tracks on this CD feature Grammy award winning violinist Jamii Szmadzinski. Upon releasing this CD, the band took on a five-week tour in Europe during January & February of '97, then toured eight months all over the U.S. during 1997 and finished off the year with another four-week tour in Europe.

Over the next few years the band continued to release a new CD whenever they had a break from touring the US and Europe with such CD titles as “Nutbag”, “Laid”, “Eatus” and “Dunce”. In 2003, with over 60 songs in the bands catalogue, they decided to release a live CD titled “Itis…Alive” and a Greatest Hits CD titled, "Love Songs & Life Lessons" which feature some of their most commercial songs as well as fan favorites.

After taking a short break in 2006 to edit their 4-hour –ITIS DVD, the band returned to the road by playing three nights in Negril, Jamaica as well as the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, TX as part of their US tour. The band is also featured in the new Larry Pierce documentary feature film, "Dirty Country" as Larry’s backup band, which recently led to appearances on the Howard Stern show. The new -ITIS CD titled, Exit 420 was officially released in Dec. of 2007.

"-ITIS" has sold well over 30,000 CDs at their concerts and over the internet without any label support. Their ten albums, along with their extensive touring history, prove that "-ITIS" is prepared for anything. They always give 100% and try to make every show entertaining, because if the band is having fun, the crowd is having fun...but then again, if the crowd isn’t having fun, you can guarantee "-ITIS” is probably having a blast!

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Tastes Like Chicken
You Know...For Kids
It Is...Isn't It?
Itis - Alive
Love Songs and Life Lessons (Greatest Hits)
Exit 420

Set List

The unique thing about itis is that about 50 percent of their gigs are all original music from their CDs and the other 50 percent are modern hard rock/metal covers. With over 200 songs in their repertoire, the band is able to play the standard original set or four sets a night featuring covers by bands such as Tool, Foo Fighters, Van Halen, Ozzy, Pink Floyd, Motorhead and more.