We exists to proclaim the name of Jesus. Our music reflects that. We exists to see Jesus glorified. Our music reflects that. We were made to do what we're doing. Our music shows that. Itiswritten is only able to exists because of Gods grace, so in return, we choose to glorify Him through our music.


There once was a man, a man named Jesus Christ. We believe that He came with a message of hope. A message of love and peace. A message that could save us all. Our music exists to relay that message just as Jesus did 2000 years ago. Our music exists to provide hope for the hopeless, rest for the weary, and comfort to those who are alone, and until everyone has these things, we will not stop writing.


Will You?

Written By: Elijah Shiarelli/itiswritten

Verse 1
When the sun sets on us
When the earth falls down around us
At the end of the day
After all fades away we wait for you there

Reveal youself to me now

Will you take my hand when faith fades again?
Will you walk by me?
Will you set me free?

You who takes my place, become my embrace
You who reigns on high
Come and be by my side

Verse 2
After all seems lost
When we look to the cross
When the light fades away and the darkness remains
We'll rejoice in you

*Chorus (x3)*

Set List

Will You?
All The Sorry People
Sing And Dance
(Maybe 2 covers depending on the venue)