It Lives, It Breathes

It Lives, It Breathes


Formed from 3 original members in A Faylene Sky, It Lives, It Breathes is a 6 piece, uncompromisingly heavy vocals trade turns with a gorgeous soaring clean vocal; and the end result is dance metalcore mixed with pop hooks & electronic sensibilities.


IT LIVES, IT BREATHES have reached a career milestone with their 2012 debut EP. Always searching to evolve their own style and the sub-genres they strive to make a mark within. Exploring elements of Redemption, Retribution, and Hope in the lives of key members.

The Rhode Island based group encompasses a strong presence of epic melody and vicious rhythm as they embark on their forthcoming EP to be produced by engineer Cameron Mizell of similar successes with Sleeping With Sirens and Memphis May Fire.

Since the departure from Tragic Hero Records artist A Faylene Sky, IT LIVES, IT BREATHES have established an interactive and viral fanbase that promises exponential support and growth. Living by the mission statement to "Live Loud" . Its undeniable that the future of IT LIVES, IT BREATHES is firmly in front of them.


Self Titled EP 2011
Part Deux single 2012

Set List

Part Deux
German Girls Can Invade My Pole-Land Anytime
I Don't Give a Jean -Claude Van Damme
The Hokey Pokey
I'll Tell You What You Wanna Hear