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Easton, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Easton, Pennsylvania, United States
Established on Jan, 2016
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"Mystik Fool head back home on ‘I’m On My Way’"

Mystik Fool are a four-piece indie-rock act hailing from Pennsylvania, and they’ve just released ‘I’m On My Way’, an incredible, catchy-as-hell, genre-bending tune that is filled with positivity and excitement. It’s their first release since the band’s debut album from last year, and I think it’s fair to say it was worth the wait. A phenomenal array of different genres and sounds meet and create what the band has labelled “Spirit Jam” – their self-proclaimed and aptly named genre. You really just have to hear it to appreciate it! It’s rocky, poppy, ambient at times, a little psychedelic in places – it simply has everything – and Mystik Fool makes it work fantastically.

‘I’m On My Way’ explores the feelings of heading back home from a journey that you don’t quite want to end just yet, and who can’t relate to that? “We wrote this song as a remedy to that feeling,” says the band – and we at Indie Top 39 can’t thank them enough for it. - JEREMY BREGMAN

"Lehigh Valley Music Awards"

Ito & The Moonlight Hippies also electrified the crowd and nearly blew the roof off with what was described by former Morning Call music writer John Moser as an “incendiary” set. Moser was recognized with a special Lifetime Achievement honor for his journalistic body of work covering the Lehigh Valley music scene. - By CRAIG LARIMER: THE MORNING CALL

"Mystik Fool – I’m On My Way | Journey"

Mystik Fool are fun before anything else. On their latest record, they’ve written an ode for the journey. The jovial and light-hearted piece of psychedelic indie rock is all about having a good time, enjoying an arduous ride through celebration and spirit. With an excitingly eclectic genre mesh, ‘I’m On My Way’ makes for an endearing and joyful piece of predominantly rock music to relish in. You want to sing along, to make travel plans, and have fun with your friends. It’s just loaded with warmth.

The harmonies, loaded with multiple layers, craft a chorus that makes you yearn for returning home. Maybe you’ve spent years away, maybe it was just a week, but that homesickness has away of creeping in. In the midst of it all, that desire remains constant and jubilant. The yearning to come back home, put to song in a melodic, harmonious, and joyful tune. - Find No Enemy

"Interview - Mystic Fool"

Here for a chat with Mystic Fool. Their self-proclaimed genre, “Spirit Jam”, has come due to the surplus of styles coming together from Medicine music to Jazz, from Pop to Reggae, from Ambience to Psychedelic Rock. With all of these influences, Mystik Fool brings a message and a prayer to reintroduce a seemingly lost idea of living through love and community.

- Hi guys and welcome to this interview. Tell us about your latest release I'm on my way.
Hey Gio thanks for having us on "Given to Rock" we are so excited to be able to talk about our newest single release "I'm On My Way". Firstly, it was written in 2018 at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame where me and my brother Simon (bass) went on a vacation. We were sitting in our hotel room playing Wii Sports, and the tune just popped out! Ha!
As our band worked and finished the song with Producer Jeff Martin (Trevor Hall, Will Evans) it took on a life of its own while maintaining our optimistic attitude. So as you listen, think back to any of the traveling you’ve done and remember the feeling of coming home. That is what this song is about. The tension of wanting to continue exploring the world while the tenderness of home soon awaits. I've never liked coming back home after my wild adventures around the world, so we wrote this song as a remedy to that feeling.

- How would you describe your sound?
This question always stumps us. So instead of piecing together a bunch of things we just coined a genre called 'spirit jam'. all of us in the band come from similar and different musician backgrounds. elements of Rock, pop, reggae, folk, psychedelic, and more. So simply put, our sound is new.

- What do you write about?
life is peculiar sometimes ya know? There is so much to be felt and experienced. I write about people, places, ideas, wild moments of change in my life. and to be a bit vulnerable, there was a time that was really dark for me and in many ways almost didn't make it out, but through a community of wild free spirits called Sufis, I was able to get out of that dark time. So I write about that kind of "we aren't alone in this" kinda vibe.

- What do you listen to when you are home?
(Galen - Vocals) The music I listen to at home changes constantly but there have always been some constants. For me it's The Smashing Pumpkins, Coldplay, Half Alive, Zeppelin, Trevor Hall, and always classic Bob Marley.

- Your favourite live performance so far?
So far our band Mystik Fool has had some cool moments and cool shows. but by far the one that stands out was right before the pandemic hit in 2020 we headlined an award show and made the paper the following day. So that was pretty cool. But hey, the best part about live performances is the simple fact that it brings people together. It always has. What a blessing to carry the music.

- Tell us a funny story that happened in studio or on stage.
Okay, so while we were in the process of recording "im on my way" we spent a weekend in Columbus Ohio with Jeff (Producer). We got up on the final morning, stopped at a grocery store and bought a bunch of bananas, and watermelon. Then, of course, I take out my Samurai Katana Sword and we all spent an hour in the yard throwing fruit at each other slicing it up with the sword. It was hilarious!

- Your favourite albums?
7. My Favorite albums of all time? this is just me speaking. Simon, Michael, and Will would have a different answer. but here are mine...
• Siamese Dream - Smashing pumpkins
• Grace - Jeff Buckley
• 22, A Million - Bon Iver
• Crosby, Stills, & Nash (self titled)
• Nothing Shocking - Janes Addiction
• S.C.I.E.N.C.E • Incubus
• Chapter of the Forest - Trevor Hall
• 10,000 Days - TOOL
• The Joshua Tree - U2
• Who's Next - The Who

- A musician you would like to meet for a beer?
Chris Martin - Coldplay... he knows something...

- What would you ask for backstage, if you were the most important band on earth?
I would request every venue backstage to do our best to create a zero waste production. no trash, no gas, other wasted or non sustainable. high order I know. but we have to do our best to create a sustainable future. Also, delicious Plant-based food.

- What are your plans for the near future?
The future for Mystik Fool is going to be interesting. we plan to tour the East Coast in spring of 2022, festivals and recording in the summer of 2022, and cross country tour in fall 2022. then in the coming years link up with some of our favorite bands and go on tour as opening support. This band is on a mission to bring up things that are swept under the rug. A new era of music standing for something bigger than ourselves. a community of bands, artists, musicians, creators, teachers, farmers, visionaries, to bring about a paradigm shift for the overall healing of today's broken world. Restore harmony by living through love. Foolish? - Giovanni Gagliano

"Mystik Fool Bring Great Vibes To The Holiday Season With Their Latest Release, ‘I’m On My Way’"

Good afternoon and happy holidays everyone! Thank you all for tuning in once again to your favorite music blog, The Study Lounge. We have been traveling the past few days visiting family so we’ve been M.I.A for a little while but we are back and ready to share amazing vibes with you all today. We are in the holiday spirit and hope you are too because we are going to be sharing nothing but positive vibes and loving energy all day long. To get things started off today we will be checking out a really happy and fun song that is perfect for this holiday season. We hope you are ready because we are going to be learning about Mystik Fool and their latest release, ‘I’m On My Way’.

Mystik Fool is a four piece band based in Pennsylvania, who have been creating a lot of buzz recently. The group began in 2016 with Galen and Simon Deery. At the time, Galen performed vocals and Simon played bass. In 2018 the band was complete with the addition of Michael Lear on drums and Will Coccia playing guitar. Each member is uniquely talented and brings their own energy and stylings into each song. Their inspirations come from a broad range of genres such as; Medicine Music, Jazz, Pop, Reggae, Ambience, and Rock. Mystik Fool aims to take a positive approach when it comes to their music often bringing message and prayer into their songs and performances. We here at The Study Lounge absolutely love everything that Mystik Fool stands for and strives to achieve. This is why we are delighted to present you with their latest release, ‘I’m On My Way’.

‘I’m On My Way’ is Mystik Fool’s latest track and is a wonderful psychedelic track that is perfect for traveling and going to visit loved ones. The song opens with big vocal harmonies and luscious synthesizers that create a free and ever changing soundscapes that leave listeners hooked and locked in to the song. The vocal performance in this track is absolutely angelic and the instrumentation makes you feel nothing but warm and loving energy inside. We had the awesome chance to speak with the group about their inspiration behind the song and they explained that, “I’ve never liked coming back home from my wild adventures around the world, so we wrote this song as a remedy to that feeling”. We resonate heavily with this and feel like this song truly is the perfect cure for post adventure depression. We will be adding ‘I’m On My Way’ to our Chill Collection playlist so be sure to check it out.

Please use the link below to give Mystik Fool a follow and show them your support! - Gifted Balance Records

"Mystik Fool – I’m On My Way (2021)"

If you are in need of some optimistic energy and overall good vibes, you are in the right place. Mystik Fool fills your chest with their vibrant energy through the open-road sounds of ‘I’m On My Way’. The single captures that feeling of comfort and bliss that fills you when you return home from travelling. Tempering the urge to explore the world with the tenderness that embodies home, the band takes you on a bit of a sonic rollercoaster through good vibes.

With a touch of wildness added to their unbelievably cool sound, they refresh your senses and fill the soundscape with a rather unique vibe. While the band was formed in 2016 by brothers Simon (bass) and Galen Deery (vocals), the line-up was finalised in 2018 when Will Coccia (guitar) and Michael Lear (drums) joined. Since then, they have released a debut album and brought the good vibes of travelling, beaches and loving life to listeners.

The harmonised vocals that open ‘I’m On My Way’ instantly grab your attention. The harmonisation lightens as the single continues, but there is a wonderful backing that comes throughout the single. The vocals have a rather tropical edge to them as they fill our souls with warm emotions and light feelings. You can feel the peace and comfort that comes from being on your way home through the performance. While the emotions of the vocals bring happiness and comfort, there is a touch of yearning for the open road through the lyrics. They bring an excellent storytelling vibe to the single that has you swaying to them.

Through all of this, the music creates these warm waves that roll through your senses. Packed with good vibes, the music brings a touch of the ocean to intricate rolling notes. There are a lot of layers to the single that you roll with while feeling the urge to close your eyes and give in to the movement. The vibrant energy of the band shines through in the melody as it enhances the beautiful vocals.

Mystik Fool brings their vibrant energy to the sound of ‘I’m On My Way’ as you feel the warmth of home and the yearning for the open road. The harmonised vocals grab your attention and lead you to a comfortable performance packed with warm emotion. The music enhances the movement of the vocals while rolling through you like waves. - The Other Side Reviews


Healing harmonies and untamed melodies weave into the salty coastal taste of adventure, sunshine, and excitement. Ukulele meets swooping bass while the dreamful sound design and electrified soundscape blossom into new visions, “I’m On My Way” takes you on a sonic rollercoaster. “I’m On My Way” has a laid-back vibe mended into its positive energy that recharges and renews your energy like a road trip down the coastline. Born out of the contrasting feeling of wanting to further the wild adventure while longing for the tenderness and comfort of home, the song is highly relatable and tunes into the rumbling bones we all share.

Like sponges that have absorbed all shades of influences, experiences, and genres, Mystik Fool brings out a sophisticated, vibrant combination of sonics that reveal the rich history of the band. Formed in 2016 by brothers Galen (lead vocal) and Simon Deery (Bass), and later joined drummer Michael Lear and guitarist Will Coccia in 2018, the four-piece band is heading towards the direction of a beautiful, wild, inspired brand new sonic world. - ©2021 Phork


That’s it my friends! Today we have a very cool and amusing song that elevates the spirit up to 11. Mystik Fool, a 4-piece band from Easton PA, USA, has nourished us with their newest single, “I’m On My Way”, a beautiful interpretation of how it feels to be on a journey. A nice drive across the beach, or a road trip with your friends, that’s what this song is all about!

First of all, let me welcome ya’ll back to this humble musical blog, we hope you’ve been enjoying the fresh singles and EPs so far. Now, let me tell you a bit about the band. Mystik Fool, formerly known as ITO and The Moonlight Hippies, was formed in 2016 by brothers Galen (Bass) and Simon Deery (vocals), who later on met drummer Michael Lear and guitarist Will Coccia in 2018.

“I’m On My Way” is the band’s first release since they launched their first album “Spirit of the Redwoods” in 2020! The single, produced by drummer/producer Jeff Martin, is a very elegant and ambitious tune that mixes a variety of genres, making it hard to define the band’s style. All in all, it truly is a spirit lifter, with soaring choruses, clean & positive vocals, and a reggae groove.

It did remind me of Matisyahu with its rock-like guitars and layered harmonies, but it’s safe to say that Mystik Fool’s style is as unique as it is original.

The song was written in 2018 at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame where the Deery brothers went on vacation. “We were sitting in our hotel room playing wii sports, and the tune just popped out! Ha!” – Galen

The band has never liked the feeling of coming home after exploring the world and going on adventures, so they created this song as a remedy for that feeling. Also as a way of reminding us to enjoy life! The production is outstanding, and the composition feels fresh AF. Its catchy chorus will stay with you after a while! Guaranteed! - madzenman

"Mystik Fool – I’m On My Way | Spirit Jam"

What I really love about this single are the harmonies. You can listen to Mystik Fool at any time of the day, and you will find yourself immediately singing along and feeling better. I’m On My Way is a combination of indie pop, folk and rock. For someone who finds comfort in 80s pop and rock, this song is a perfect throwback without being too derivative on nostalgia. Mystik Fool has a versatile vibe that fits anywhere. They truly do have edgy, cool, beautiful, and wild music. - Sinusoidal Music 2021

"Interview with Ito from “Ito And the Moonlight Hippies”"

Today we’ve had a very interesting interview with Ito, form “Ito And the Moonlight Hippies”, on their new release “Shooting star” and much more! - Got Music Talent

"Galen Deery"

Starting as a drummer at age 7, Galen took to music right away. Picking up the ukulele at age 14 and never putting it down. Inspired by eastern philosophy and spiritual practice. He writes the songs with the intention to bring more love and unity to the world.

These days Galen performs mostly with his original Psychedelic, Spirit Jam, Rock band out of Easton Pennsylvania, •ITO• and the Moonlight Hippies. Formed in 2016 by Galen Deery (ukulele and vocals), his brother Simon Deery (bass), friend Michael Lear (drums) and childhood friend Will Coccia (Guitar), the four joined hands and hearts to carry out a vision of a unified humanity through love and music! Check them out online. - Heartwood refuge

"Ito and the Moonlight Hippies release optimistic hit "Shine""

Ito and the Moonlight Hippies are ready to take you on an explorative journey with their new release, “Shine”. “Shine” is a song with an atmospheric arrangement that paints vivid images of a journey through warm key melodies in the instrumentation and soft vocal delivery. An amazing characteristic of “Shine” is the meaning behind the lyrics. “Shine” was written by Ito based on an awakening he had while coming out of a dark time. The uplifting vibe throughout “Shine” compliments the lyrics and the meaning of the song.

“Shine” has a spiritual aspect that curates exuberant and vibrant energy presented through the delicate guitar and poignant hook. “Shine” is the kind of song that’s meant to give us hope. Its positive aura projected onto the listener is perfect for when times get rough. The concept of “Shine” is personal to many people who go through emotional lows but comes out feeling more emotionally, mentally and physically stronger. Ito and the Moonlight Hippies did a fantastic job of showcasing their chemistry and optimism with a relaxed delivery. “Shine” is a notable single that will eloquently pierce your heart with a sense of uplifting desire to reach your spiritual awakening. - BuzzMusic

"Ito and the Moonlight Hippies – Shine [Review]"

Ito and the Moonlight Hippies are a self-proclaimed spirit jam band, an assertion that comes across in droves on the joyous track that is Shine.

Listening to a song like Shine, you can truly tell that this is a band who love what they create. Exuberant lyrics and blissful melodies come together to create a happy ode to pop rock, while the band’s jam ethos is clear from the improvisational nature of their plinky guitar lines which punctuate the song perfectly.

This is the ideal track to lift you up on a dark day and get you moving, so make sure to add it to all your upbeat indie playlists and share the love! - XUNEMAG

"The Irregular's 2019 Easton heritage Edition" - Janene Otten

"Navigating the entertainment waters of the Lehigh Valley, one post at a time."

For the members of ITO, “Stage on Stage” is also an opportunity to expand the band’s reach and increase their fanbase. The group — which is made up of vocalist-ukulele player Galen Deery, bassist Simon Deery, and drummer Michael Lear — is working on the follow-up to their 2017 debut EP, Barefoot. In October, 2018 the group followed released the digital single “Faith.”

Deery said the band sings, and speaks, from their hearts in an effort to take others out of their everyday lives, “to let go of the suffering and bask in the infinite love light.”

“We are absolutely stoked for the opportunity! This is the biggest show we’ve ever played. We’re feeling absolutely blessed,’” Deery exclaimed.“We’re growing as musicians, together as a band, and together as humanity, and now we’re able to play for people who may have never heard of us. That is something I look forward to so much.” - Distin Schoof

"Peace Love and harmony through music"

Heartwood House Concert Series has the honor of hosting Galen Deery as a solo act this fall. Galen is a singer/songwriter hailing from Easton Pennsylvania, whose songs awaken the heart and gladden the spirit. His beautiful presence and wonderful music make you smile, laugh, and sometimes bring tears to your eyes. His enthusiasm and musical savvy bring a vibration of peace, love, and harmony to the stage. Because of his expertise with looping and other technological wonders he sounds like three or four people in his solos performances. - Heartwood Refuge


Barefoot (EP): 2017 @ BoogieDog Studios
Faith (single): 2018 @ BoogieDog Studios
Shine (single): 2020 @ Hybrid Studios 

Shooting Star (single): 2020 @ Hybrid Studios

Spirit of the Redwoods (Album): 2020 @ Hybrid Studios

I'm On My Way (Single): 2021 @ Sunbury Studios




Mystik Fool is a four-piece original band from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania. A revival to say the least. A new, edgy, beautiful, and wild sound fronted with a Ukulele. They formed in 2016 by brothers Galen (vocals) & Simon Deery (Bass) and launched when drummer Michael Lear and guitarist Will Coccia joined in 2018. 

Mystik Fool has toured across the US (including Alaska & Hawaii), parts of Europe, with sights set on Australia. Opening for artists such as Trevor Hall, Matisyahu, Kyle Smith, Sensi Trails, Mike Pinto and more. Their self-proclaimed genre, “Spirit Jam”, has been coined due to the surplus of styles coming together from Rock to Reggae, Pop to Folk, and medicine music to prog. With all of these influences, Mystik Fool brings a message to reintroduce a seemingly lost idea of living through love. 

PurePop Publishing (Moby) signed on with their debut single "Shine" in 2019 pushing the band out into the spotlight, attracting publishers Like HeavyHitters to sign on with multiple tracks being placed in the popular day-time soap Opera "Young and the Restless". Their debut album “Spirit of the Redwoods” came out in the fall of 2020. A collection of 14 songs produced by two-time grammy nominated drummer/producer Kevin Soffera. They’re single “I’m on my way” dropped a year later with Producer Jeff Martin (Trevor Hall) The band plans to tour and record their next album during 2022. Enjoy and follow the band

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