843 Degrees

843 Degrees

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"There's not much professionalism in hip hop." Professionalism is 843 Degreez. This supergroup formed in 2004 has been on the fast track to success since their debut mixtape "For Y'all Vol. 1" hit the streets. With hot track after hot track, 2008 will be big for 843! It's life, It's 843!


It's like this man. WE DO US!

We have a desire and a fiendin' of sorts for success. And it comes and goes.

The only thing that stays constant is the loyalty between those that share in this vision, this life, this movement we call 843. 3+1+4, that's the 8, plus the 4, plus 3 degrees...We Them Greats. To break it down.. the 8 is our city..as you can see. 3+1+4=St. Louis..the 4 is the L-O-V-E that we share as niggas that's deep in this thing.

The 3 is the 3 degrees of seperation that makes us who we are. You know 3 people in my city..Well we know one of those 3, if not, we know somebody they know, and so on and so forth.

So it is what it is......IT'S 843!


For Y'all Vol. 1 & 2
Sincerly Yours-The Menacidal Mixtape
Red Bull Music Labs:Gateway City Edition

Set List

We have set 15 and 30 min. sets, but we are comfortable going for longer sets. The average show is a combination of group and solo songs playing on the mood of the crowd. Getting them live and smoothing things out while coming back to an apex of crunkness at the end.