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Boise, Idaho, United States

Boise, Idaho, United States
Band EDM New Wave




"Indie Band Review: Alarms EP I Am Now"

When you think derivative, you think classic rock throwback bands, maybe Depeche Mode inspired groups from 2005 or that aural indie-rock sound being clamored for by legions of groups, without them realizing there are only about 25 slots available (and 10 of them are taken up by Coldplay). With that said, what is worse than a derivative mess of a group releasing soulless pop music for a quick buck? The answer is an electronic artist crafting terribly inspired electro dance music from their stolen copy of Fruity Loops for an even quicker buck.

Alarms are NOT that group. Yes, I did mean to deliberately trick you into a false sense of shame against the group I was to discuss, but Alarms are one of the few truly original and interesting aspects to come out of the sub-sub-underground of electronic/alternative dance.

The movement is going so fast, it may take a matter of months for a once fresh sound to become, well, derivative. Many find this issue in crafting full-length follow-ups, and artists like Washed Out and Toro Y Moi have almost turned their name entirely away from the sound which they established until now. Alarms aren’t exactly veterans as far as one can tell, so we are currently exploring the five songs contained in their radiant and exhilarating EP ‘I Am Now’.

I am here. I am reading a David Foster Wallace novel like a supped up hipster, and I am absolutely adoring the sensational atmosphere of this EP. The opening track remained on repeat 9 times before I mustered the courage to leave the familiar and enter into the second track. The addictive melodies aren’t soulless in their pop construct to secure comfort, but they ease and bob along meticulously, warming you to the softness and esoteric intrigue of the harmony.

Darkly Dreaming is nearly sinister dance track, echoing along various sounds from speaker to speaker to build a “wall of sound” sense that keeps you on your toes. What a radioactive delight! Its infectious sound recalls MGMT alongside Grizzly Bear, a mixture between M83 and The Knife. The Present is Never Anxious begins with such equanimous coolness, and introduces the voice of an unnamed female vocalist, further differentiating it within the album and elevating it into stratospheric levels of domination.

I absolutely fell in love with Alarms...they seem to accomplish what so many bands try to do- they craft inherently gorgeous music, that keeps your toes tapping, your mind fluttering, and your hands typing along praise on your indie music blog at their bubbling attempts to swoon and sway the listener. I felt enchanted and lifted away from my living room, encapsulated by what Alarms are ciphering through my speakers, with the elegant and immediate ease of the most talented upper echelon. - The Noise Beneath the Apple

"Review of ALARMs"

ALARMs is a post new-wave rock band from Boise in the USA with a three piece line-up of Daniel, Maxim and ANGEL.

With fulgent intensity the atmospherics that steal in to the room reflect off what ever they touch and the listener is wrapped in an ever increasing layer of atmospherics. The soubriquet Almost Like A Religious Movement is somewhat apposite as a the material posses an out of this world sentience and the listener is almost hypnotised by the mesmeric percussion and synth combination.

Have a closer look at the image to get a feel for the thinking behind the trio.

In hitting play I was taken back to the likes of Kraftwerk and it comes as no surprise that they list amongst their influences Depeche Mode. With an ever growing fan base and a release which came out at the end of November 2012 – the five track EP – I am Now - this is a band that has much to add to the world of music.

They have the ability to play around with pure electronics, yet can also wrestle with instruments and of particular note is a peculiar and striking combination of acoustic guitar within the constructs which is a sublime creativity that is a joy to the ears.

I look forward to getting to know ALARMs better in the coming months and wish them all the best with what has been a strong start in the music industry. -


Still working on that hot first release.



ALARMs (Almost Like a Religious Movement) takes inspiration from singer/songwriter Daniel Kunz's favorite childhood bands: Depeche Mode, The Smiths, and Talking Heads.

Daniel moved to Boise from San Diego in the summer of 2012, and began working on developing his song ideas into demos. A brilliant up and coming producer in Provo Utah, Nate Pyfer, caught wind of the demos and contacted Daniel to develop the first ALARMs album.

During the development of the EP, Daniel began looking for other musicians in Boise for the live show. The first response to Daniel's request for help came from Maxim Klymenko. Maxim was a prominent DJ from Kiev, Ukraine. It felt like fate the two like minded musicians met in a small town so many miles from their childhood homes.

They began working on developing the live show and both had very similar thoughts as to how the show should be. The ALARMs live shows are as visual as they are auditory. There is an energy in the room, and people are not on their phones or talking during the set. The music and the visual arts allow the audience to fall into the moment and indulge the atmosphere of ALARMs.

The ALARMs debut EP was released on November 20, 2012. 'I AM NOW' combines acoustic guitars, electronic synths, programmed and acoustic drums, and lush Telecaster guitar tones with clean 60s bass hooks. Nate Pyfer's (producer) vision for the production on day one came to total fruition and the result is a unique tapestry of movement and emotion.

The mix and master was done by talented musician and producer: Mike Roskelley. Mike has mixed for many prominent musicians and DJs such as world renowned Kaskade.

The result of years of songwriting, and months of hard work, is the ALARMs debut EP: I AM NOW

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