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White Plains, New York, United States | SELF

White Plains, New York, United States | SELF
Band R&B Gospel




"Chris Jackson "Lay It On Me:"

Working as a songwriter for artists like Toni Braxton, Cheryl Cole, Jacob Latimore and LeToya Luckett, Chris Jackson is ready to expand his talents to a solo career. In preparation for the release of his mixtape, No Pressure, Chris Jackson releases his new two step record, "Lay It On Me." Take a minute to groove to this; you'll thank us later.

"Chris Jackson "No Pressure Mixtape""

*review on site* - Da Gospel Truth

"Free Download: Chris Jackson – ‘No Pressure’ (Mixtape)"

From the shadows to the spotlight.

Chris Jackson has enjoyed ample success penning hits for the likes of Toni Braxton, B.Smyth, and Marcus Canty. However, the gifted writer is keen to shine light on his own vocal talents with new mixtape ‘No Pressure’.

Featuring contributions from the likes of Andre “A-minor” Johnson, D-Tropp and more, the set is the New York native’s first collection of free songs — and hopefully not the last. - The Gospel Guru

"Chris Jackson “No Pressure” (Mixtape)"

The Wait is finally over! The highly anticipated mixtape “NO PRESSURE” from new artist “Chris Jackson” is FINALLY HERE!!! The accomplished songwriter who has already had the esteemed pleasure of working with artists ranging from Toni Braxton to Cheryl Cole, and most recently with the hit single “Leggo” on Motown recording artist B Smyth that is swiftly climbing the charts, is now ready to release “No Pressure”. The set features the singles “Rearview Mirror” , “Lay It On Me”, and “Incredible”.
- You Know I Got Soul

"I AM PR Approved : Chris Jackson [@ItsChrisJackson] releases No Pressure Mixtape"

I just found out about this artist, and you know what, sometimes it’s late to come to the party. After hearing his live performance of song “Lay It On Me” and his “Murder She Wrote” inspired cut “Incredible”, I’m officially a fan. Chris Jackson has a sweet voice perfect for radio. However, his power when he performs is definitely something that will garner him a great deal of respect. That is of course if he hasn’t already received it. He’s worked with the likes of Enrique Iglesias, Toni Braxton, Cheryl Cole, and B Smyth. His No Pressure mixtape is available for download via YouKnowIGotSoul, who was gracious enough to allow us to sample it (link below).
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"Chris Jackson Brings "No Pressure""

There is a new urban gospel sound brewing out of New York by way of some serious artists who not only love God, but are totally sold out to making great music.

At the forefront is Chris Jackson (Twitter: @ItsChrisJackson).

The funny thing about Jackson is that he is not a newcomer by any means. He’s an accomplished producer and songwriter (Toni Braxton, Cheryl Cole (Pop Stars, UK) Marcus Canty (X-Factor), LeToya Luckett etc. with singles currently climbing Billboards Top R&B/Hip Hop charts at a rapid pace (“You Come First” by RCA Artist Jacob Latimore). His current mixtape, No Pressure has already laid the foundation for what his camp, A-Minor Musik Group calls an “unprecedented career in Gospel Music.”

Jackson is no stranger to FNFLive, haven’t had his hit (and we do mean a HIT) single “Rear View Mirror” getting lots of love in SoFlo. A follow-up interview with @Jblaze305 gave listeners an insight into Jackson, who at the time didn’t even have an EP out.

So now fast forward to No Pressure, a “quick trip” into the life and world of Chris Jackson. It is a mixtape of a different kind, one that fuses old school Good News messages with new school lyrics, sounds, and instrumentation. Leading the charge for the mixtape is Incredible, a serious uptempo jam that is an clear example of the old school, new school fusion. If you’re a 90's kid, you’ll find yourself quickly playing, “Name that Tune” or “Name the Artist” and then quickly realize that Jackson is truly making the jam all his own.

Most notable records on the mixtape are Lay It On Me, Call Your Name, and the song that everyone will be able to relate to, be grateful for, and really go through some serious self evaluation to is His Pain. The tune takes you on an assessment of one’s purpose in God.

"NO PRESSURE by Chris Jackson"

Like Chinese Takeout Wrapped in a Foil Swan | Posted June 05, 2013 Staff Reviewer
No Pressure is the debut EP release from Chris Jackson. An accomplished producer in his own right, he is now making his stamp on the Gospel/R&B scene with this project. This is seven tracks of goodness that features some recognizable samples and some sweet scratching.

"Incredible" starts off with a familiar voice to all hip-hop fans—a sample of the distinctive voice of Chuck-D. Immediately your ears perk up to this and you will say, "That is a bold move for a Christian artist!" As bold as the Chuck-D sample is, the sample of "Getaway" by Bobby Brown may be even more so. Regardless, the job is done and you will be engaged to listen through. The focus on the song is that God is incredible. Full stop. A simple message wrapped up in a clever package, kind of like Chinese takeout wrapped in a foil swan.

Being a mixtape there is no clear stop and start of the songs. The transition into "Call Your Name" is seamless. The beat changes, but not abruptly. Jackson has an incredibly versatile voice and some of the high notes he hits on this track are pretty impressive. The lyrics are not heavy laden with metaphor and deep meaning, just a guy worshiping God in his own way proclaiming how good God is to him and that he can freely call on the Creator whenever he needs Him.

The feel of the album changes with the very rhythmically driven "Lay It On Me." The beat is unusual, but in a good way. It seems more organic and less contrived than a majority of the beats out there. The subdued beat allows Jackson's vocals to shine through. Almost a response to the last song, the organic beat is the background to God's response. An exhortation that whatever our problems we can lay it on the Lord.

"Be With Me" has a laid back '70s R&B vibe to it. A love song from Jesus to His bride, it encourages us to spend our life with him and just be with him. I didn't need Jesus to serenade me to give my life over to Him, but it would have been pretty sweet if this was my conversion experience. Vaughn features on the track with some killer bars calling out to God in what is his response to Jesus' serenade.

I don't know about the readers out there, but if Jesus serenaded me, I would truly be feeling "Blessed." This song is just about that, living a blessed life. Blessed with family, friends and most of all the love of Christ. As much as it is a humble brag about being blessed, Jackson also invites others to experience the faithfulness of Christ.

From a '90s R&B vibe to a piano/double bass reminiscent of a Spike Lee soundtrack, "His Pain" is completely different than anything else on the album. A man's pain and insecurity are laid bare while wondering "I don't know why He keeps blessing me." The answer to the question is so that we can bless God. Blessings from God in spite of all we've done so that we can bless Him. That is the love of Christ.

The album closes with "Rear View Mirror." The song is an artistic reflection on Philippians 3:13-14: "Brothers and sisters, I can't consider myself a winner yet. This is what I do: I don't look back, I lengthen my stride, and I run straight toward the goal to win the prize that God's heavenly call offers in Christ Jesus." Life is about looking ahead and not focussing on what's in the rear view mirror.

Closing Thoughts:
This album is surprisingly complex. The lyrics move from simple messages like those in "Incredible" to the more complex in "His Pain." The sound of the albums reflects on several styles of R&B and drops a jazzy/blues vibe. The production is top notch. I truly can't wait for the next project from Mr. Jackson.

Song to Download Now:
"Incredible" (Although the entire mixtape is available for free download here.)


No Pressure (EP) 2013
INCREDIBLE (single) 2013
Lay It On Me (single) 2013
Rearview Mirror (single) 2012
JOY (single) 2010



An accomplished producer and songwriter (Toni Braxton, Cheryl Cole (X-factor, UK), Marcus Canty (X-Factor US/Epic Records) Ronald Isley, etc.) with singles currently climbing Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop charts at a rapid pace ("Leggo" by Motown Recording artist B. Smyth) recording artist and new kid on the block Chris Jackson has already laid the foundation for what many believe will be one of the most unprecedented careers in Gospel Music today! Born and raised in White Plains, New York, Jackson grew up in a strict Jamaican household where the importance of hard work and the pursuit of an education were instilled in him at a young age. While he worked hard in school, his thoughts often turned to writing songs that would touch the world. Composing and performing his first song at the age of 7, it was clear to family and friends that he was destined for musical success. After sharpening his abilities by performing at local showcases in the NYC area, Jackson attempted to fulfill a life long dream of both performing and winning over the crowd at the world famous “Amateur Night At the Apollo” where he won an astounding 2 times in a row!

After being accepted into college, Jackson enrolled in pursuit of a degree in Business. A student by day and singer by night, his passion for music overtook his desire for education. In his senior year he made the difficult decision to withdraw from the institution with a goal of landing his first placement with a national recording artist within a year's time. Six months later he did just that, placing a song with 6-time Grammy Award Winning artist Toni Braxton, writing the title track for her 2010 release entitled Pulse. The following year he experienced his first taste of international success with his placement “Promise This” on UK Pop sensation Cheryl Cole’s sophomore project Messy Little Raindrops. The CD & Single sat atop the charts at the #1 spot and were both certified platinum in the UK as well as many other countries, confirming Jackson’s international acclaim.

Chris Jackson has had the pleasure of writing for and working with some of today’s biggest artists. With several confirmed placements under his belt and a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, Jackson now feels it’s time to step out into the world as a performer in the world of Gospel music. Now he is ready to move forward with releasing a series of mixtapes before his debut album, beginning with Part 1 of the series, "NO PRESSURE", which was released April 23, 2013. "No Pressure" features the singles "Lay It On Me" and "Incredible".