Los Angeles, California, USA

"I AM What Love Sounds Like"


“I was taken by the way his lyrics and melodies would soar me to higher heights, yet left me grounded and humbled” Jamila on Stevie Wonder.
The truth is hundreds of polished and produced performers attempt art, yet few actually carry its tender essence. Jamila has found that delicacy in simplicity, love and the moment. Her profound ability to transform everyday words into silky, sensual, seductive measures of music is a gift, to anyone lending their ears.
This transparent wisdom of song and grove has made its way around Los Angeles and it’s underground where she was approached to write and record for Television projects not limited to King of Queens, The L Word, Burn Notice, and Lincoln Heights.
“I’ve been inspired to make music that people can fall in love to…and with” Living out those words Jamila is set to share with us her debut album titled “The Hopeful Romantic” and I must say it has been a pleasure to hear what Love sounds like.

Set List

Bee Free
Rock The Boat (Aaliyah)
HOP (house of pleasure)