Jessie Miller

Jessie Miller

 Holland, Michigan, USA

One girl, one guitar, one voice, and one unique outlook on life.


Heyyy. I'm Jessie. Because I suck at writing bios about myself.... AND I'm a fan of the bulletpoint system, here's a list about myself.
- I just turned 20 this year, and I'm super excited to start this new chapter of my life.
- I write music and I looove sharing it with my friends :)
- My friends and my family mean the world to me.
- I drink more coffee and coke than really anyone should.
- I'm a junior in college (yay for motivation!!)
- I blog and twitter religiously... it seems.
- There are many influences on my music, but the main ones are Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Carly Simon, Feist, and Ryan Adams.
- I'm obsessed with fashion, even though I don't look like it... ever.
- I named my guitars Lucy and Jack.
- I dye my hair frequently.
- I live in leggings and Hanes mens shirts.
- There are sooooooo X57489375893479327492infinity many things I want to do in life. Music is at the top at that list.


Self-Titled LP -- Released: July 2008
Cover EP -- Upcoming Release: July 2010
"Friday Night Sessions - EP" -- Upcoming Release: July 2010