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Born December 8th, 1987 in Houston, TX; Justified is the epitome of a hip-hop artist. Embodying the essence of a true MC; lyrically inspired by what she encounters on a daily basis. Justified fervently deliverers a flow unlike any other femcee. Growing up playing mostly basketball, music was not a first priority but was a distant 2nd. However, having a great deal of respect and love for great music, the music side was bound to come out eventually. That time came shortly after graduating high school and she realized that basketball “was no longer fun”. A new passion was ignited when she seriously began rapping in 2009. On 12/08/2011 she dropped her debut mixtape “3:23? which includes her hits Halo, Dreaming, Darkest Hour, and Roman’s Revenge (Remix). She is currently working on her next project “Sleeping Giant EP” which is expected to be released later this year. Justified deems herself a “Revolutionary Visionary”; and is on a mission to give her audience mental food for thought. Expect nothing but the best out of her work.



Halo feat Brandy B
Dreaming feat Seano Phresh & JI
Darkest Hour