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Just Jake

Band Hip Hop R&B


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The best kept secret in music


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Albums: Reality Sells (May 2005), Pay Up (July 2005), City Of Empty Wallets (December 2005)

Singles: Crazy Ridahs, Remember


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jake Is A Unique Upcoming Rapper With Real Life Concepts For His Fans To Relate To,
And Undeniable Lyrical Skill. Jake Is Creating A Buzz, So Jump On The Band Wagon
And Support Him As He Attempts To Take The Industry By Storm!

Jake Yates Was Born March 2nd, 1986 In Dayton, Ohio. As A Young Child, His Original Focus Was On Sports. He Wanted Nothing More Than To Grow Up And Become A Professional Athlete. Growing Up In A Broken Home Forced Jake To Learn The Importance Of Being A Real Individual And Focusing On His Own Goals. As An Only Child Of Divorced Parents, He Learned How To Take Care Of Himself. In Elementary And Middle School, He Was A Star Athlete And A Good Student. He Took Interest In Hip Hop Heavily At The Start Of Junior High School. He Was First Influenced By West Coast Artists, Mainly Tupac Shakur. Jake Began Taking Lyrics From Mainstream Songs On The Radio, And Changing Them Around Making Comical Parody Songs. That Summer Of 1999, PhaZe Hit The Internet Hip Hop Scene, Getting Involved With Various Online Rap Communities. He Continued Writing Songs, Taking Heavy Criticism As Motivation To Improve. By The Summer Of 2000, He Learned How To Record Songs Onto His Computer. Progressing Slowly, Jake Developed A Flow And Delivery Of His Own. For The Next Couple Years Jake Made Track After Track Fully Dedicating Himself To Hip Hop. By His Junior Year In High School, Rather Than Attending Parties And Doing Drugs Like Most Of His Peers, Jake's Life Revolved Around Hip Hop. Jake's Whole Approach To Hip Hop Became Hard Work And Dedication. Taking Criticism As Means Of Advice, He Used That As Motivation To Be The Best He Could Be. He Developed A Very Unique Style Of Bringing Real Life Situations Into His Songs, While Also Remaining A Lyricist. After Investing A lot Of Time And Money In Himself With The Belief "If You Don't Invest In Yourself, Who Will?", He Released Various Underground Albums Which Landed Him Credibility Locally. Jake Is Growing A Large Internet And Local Fan Base. In June, 2004, Jake experienced a life changing experience with the birth of his son Jaykob Dominic. Soon after that, as things started moving in the right direction in his life, and in his music career, but as most good things do, It all came crashing down. Jake was released from his job at General Motors and stuck with thousands of dollars worth of debts. At the same time, Jake and his Babies' Mother's relationship came to a bitter end. Which only made Jake's life worse, constantly being harassed and nearly put in jail by her and her crazy ways. As Jake's debts piled up, he still managed to record music, but his career began to look very dim. In an industry where it takes money to make money, Jake had no funds to promote or press his music. With everything going downhill Jake became determined that this would not stop him, He began using the problems in his life as fuel to let his anger out in his music. He realized he had to hustle hard everyday to get where he wanted to be. Jake fought his way out of the bind, and began taking his music career back down the right path "At that point, I felt like I had nothing, no job, no REAL home, and I felt like a worthless father.. I had to turn my life around". In early 2005, Jake was invited to "Fashion Rock Fest", an event showed on National Telivision. Which he did not attend, "At the time I just didn't feel I was financially stable enough to take the trip, and I just had a feeling I wasn't ready for all that yet.. I was happy with what we were doing locally" A few small companies began showing interest in him, and by the Summer he was making the moves he had been planning for years. At that time he changed his stage name from PHAZE to Just Jake, because the name PHAZE no longer had any meaning to him. Currently Jake's Album "Reality Sells" in Stores in the Dayton, Ohio area. Jake is hustling hard, Stay Tuned!

Q: Why The Name Just Jake, And The Name Change From PHAZE?
A: The name PHAZE meant nothing to me, as hard as I tried to make it mean something, the farther I drifted away from it. Plus, everyone else starting using the name, so there was alot of other Artists calling themselves PHAZE. As for the name Just Jake, well, at the end of the day I'm not PHAZE, I'm not Blah Blah Blah.. I'm Just Jake.

Q: When, And Why Did You Start Rapping?
A: I listened to Hiphop years before I actually started, Then in 99 I started taking mainstream songs on the radio and changing the lyrics to make funny songs. Then one day I just started writing my own rhymes and posting them on Internet Rap Forums. I was about 13, and I wasn't very good. I Didn't start actually recording until summer 2000, The way it looked then I was horrible and I had no natural talent for rapping. I stuck at it though, because the more I did it, the more it developed into a way of life. It kept me out of alot of trouble and gave me something to invest my time and hardwork into.

Q: How Old Are You?
A: I'm 19.