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I Can't Wait

Written By: It's Just Me

The night wasn’t clear
‘Til I looked in your eyes,
I felt so alone,
My smile a disguise.

Now I can’t wait
for the sun to rise,
and I can’t wait
to be with you again.

Too many times, driving
in the wrong direction,
Paralleled my life until
I rode on your affection.
I never stopped to look around
Too scared to see above the ground
‘Til you paved the way.

Chorus: (Repeat)

I’d travel miles to see you,
‘Cause now I know my way.
(I know my way)
There’s no path hard to find
You’d never lead me astray.

I remember when
I couldn’t seem to find my way,
Couldn’t even tell if it was night or day.
But there you were, my clarity within a blur.
You showed me the way.

Chorus: (Repeat)

Bridge: (Repeat)

Chorus: (Repeat to end)

Lyrics & Vocal arrangement IJM
Drums and production by Chuck Nice
Instrumental by Adam Hawkins
Bass Mark White